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What moments made you tear up?

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There's already a thread on most upsetting deaths, so tell me what other events in WD made you upset?

-in episode 2 when you're beating up Andy. The atmosphere, music, and overall imagery really got to me
-episode 3 after your party has fled the motor inn and you're talking to Clem in the van.
-at the end when you see Clem's zombified parents. That look on her face....I wanted to give her a hug :(

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  • well this are probably moments most people didnt cry at expect the last one :

    When DOUG died (not DUCK)
    When Lee burried the dog with the little zombie kid
    and the ending

  • when clem says "please dont go" to lee right before he passes... I was crying like a toddler who lost his lolipop :'(

  • It's been a while since I've played the game but if I recall correctly it was when Carley died out of the blue. Right before that had happened everything seemed like it would be going to be okay as long as we were all together despite the small quarrel inside the group which had escalated.

  • I do not speak English, okay. I wanted to give her a hug. Poor Clem.

  • The scene in the RV talking with Clem after Carley gets shot, our group was shattered and she was just gone so quickly.

    The look on Kenny's face after he lost his family.

    Seeing my best friend Kenny have a change of heart, and sacrifice himself. When Lee said "They're gone."

    My eyes were waterfalls from the moment Clem saw her parents all the way through the credits.

  • I was a wreck just after it ended. (I didn't make Clem take the shot.) Clementine standing there by the door, so sad and scared, then Lee slides to the side against the radiator... heartwrenching. It's been a couple of days and I'm still recovering. In fact, I shouldn't be here. I should be doing other things to get my mind off it.

    It makes me wonder, would I have been better off without this experience? Is entertainment worth so much sadness?

  • Ben's death got me sooooooooo bad. First of all, he was SEXY AS F*CK. Second, if you pulled him up, in the last episode when he keeps saying "I'm okay! I'm okay!" Carley's death shocked me. I was waiting for Larry to die, but I figured it would be his heart. Of course, there's Katjaa and Duck, though, too. KENNY IS STILL ALIVE. I SENSE IT. And obviously the ending tugged at your heart.

  • For some reason, I found the scene with when Lee buries the kid to be one of the most touching moments. Maybe it's a combination of the music and the close-up of the boy and his dog. I could picture him being upset that his best friend died, and now they're together.

  • The final scene. Actually, I teared up the first time I played it and full-on cried the second time. You would think that being ready for it would have helped, but I think it made it worse.

  • i think all of it.

    1- Lee's death, i cried for DAYS i swear, i was so attached with Lee.
    2- When Clem s saw her parents dead..
    3- When Lee said "I'll miss you" and Clem said: me too.. i was like.. FU FU FU FU FU FU FU ;______; DON'T CRY, and BAM, i cried like a little b*tch :(

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