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Help me to learn English Like a native

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Hi, I would like to learn English but in our country and in our schools they really don't teach us English! just a little about grammatical rules :( I learned a little by myself ! but still I have some problems

I just need you guys come here some times and help me to find out some of my questions about this language


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  • It could, but you could also snag something by taking it quickly with your hands.

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    It's still a long way ahead for me to learn English like a native, But so far so good

    In the COD : Black Ops2 Woods was talking about heaved Kravchenko and himself threw out of window and after they both fall down Woods said "He comes to first"
    What does it mean when someone comes to first

  • In this case, "coming to" refers to someone waking up after being rendered unconscious or injured.

    So if someone "came to first", then they were the first person to wake up.

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    @Darth Marsden said: In this case, "coming to" refers to someone waking up after being rendered unconscious or injured.

    So if someone "came to first", then they were the first person to wake up.

    Thanks then isn't it a slang? That's just about who gets up first? :D
    Or it could means outsmart too?

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    In the Black Ops 2 when Hudson told Mason what the fuck happened back there Mason answered "Can it, Hudson! just keep moving" What does Can it mean in here? Gives any special meaning?

  • It means shut up basicly or for the other person to stop what their doing

  • Yeah, it means "stop talking".

  • hi, im now studing english on a course. until now i never studing english, all that i laerned was by myselft.

    the only advide that i can give is... practise... the most practice you have the better.
    like the little kid that knows the languaje by hear their parents tv, etc, you must learn english in everyplace where you can learn things...

    by whatching movies with english languaje and english subtitles, using a dictionary. and also using all thosefree pages that exist with exercises. the bbc website have a lot, but there are many others.

    and try to make it funny...

    one very good and funny way of learn english, is by ear english songs with the lyrics from any site.

    or by entering on this cool website...

    go to register there, is free and this way you could keep your points.

    then, search a song, this website uses youtube and every person can write the lyrcis for that song.

    then, you must hear the song, and write some words that not happened. the more difficulty you select, the more words you must fill.

    this is a very good and funny way of learn english using the music. just try it with one of your favorite songs, and starts to learn some english meanwhile you make fun with it...

    for example, i dont know too many english. but i can sing the "eye of the tiger" rocky 3 song thanks to this. and this is so cool! ;)

  • one really good way to learning is go to "lyrics training" website (search it by google). listening music from youtube you must answer wich words are those that appears like "????" in the lyrics meanwhile you play the song. and you can register there for keep your points table. hehe

    if not, just take a lot of the lyrics of many songs in the net, and then listen that songs using these lyrics. is do the same, but in other way.

    thats a very interesting and very funny way to learn english for sure! ;)

    i never studing english until right now. and all that i was learned in those years was by watch movies with english languaje and subtititles, and by hear many songs with the lyrics taken from the net.

    greetings ;)

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    Thanks again.
    About lyrics training website I think It's a good way too but it's a matter of my net speed, I'm using mobile internet (speed is awful)

    What exactly crowdsource does mean in the following sentence?

    "Cordis Die" social network has crowdsourced simultaneous protests in both Iran and North Korea

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