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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow

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  • @MackTuesday said: I don't understand. Everyone's saying Kenny turns on you for trying to save Larry. He didn't do that to me.

    He doesn't directly turn on you, but he cares for you a heck of a lot less. In episode 3, he contemplates leaving Lee to die when he gets trapped under the door. He also adapts to a condescending tone against Lee for pretty much the entire episode.

    It's more of a "I'll tolerate your presence but only because i have to" kind of thing, i think.

  • Kenny is a really changing character, in Ep1 he is awesome, in Ep2 he is a douche, in Ep3 he is kind of a douche, in Ep4 he is cool and in Ep5 he is the same guy from Ep1.
    And let's be honest he is your only real friend and vice-versa. Omid and Christa are awesome but they don't trust you that mutch. Here is what i did.

    In general i did things that helped him. But i always sided with Lilly and Larry because two psychos ex-military seemed like the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse. I also always showed concern and interest for his family.

    -Helped his son(i tough Shawn got more time, the other one is just a kid).
    -Side with him in the pharmacy.
    -Sided with Lilly in Starved for Help
    -Feed the kids.
    -I did NOT help him kill Larry, seriously Larry was awesome, he could kill those cannibals with his bare hands.
    -Told them about my past(i told everyone really).
    -Killed Duck.
    -Did not frighted him.
    -Make he kill the kid.
    -Say nothing when he was drunk.
    -Leave Ben sacrifice himself.
    -Didn't attack him with the little head thing.
    -Told them the truth about the bite.

    He helped me many times besides the part of the barn, Lilly saved me then. But in the end, he sided with me in rescuing Clementine, he said i was his friend, the closest he has to a family and went with me. Omid and Cristha did too because i showed them the bite.

    He is not a bad guy, he did stupid things, but who wouldn't panic in a zombie apocalypse? Look at Ben for example, he fucked everything but he was not bad, just incredibly stupid. When Kenny lost his family many things changed and he died a hero, or.. i guess he did, i don't have much hope he is alive.

  • Finally got round to playing this again and completing it after building up the will to start afresh since Telltale decided to do nothing to fix the save issues that blighted my first play through (thanks for that btw Telltale, really appreciated).

    And a massive FUCK YOU to Kenny indeed, I'm not sure if I was meant to feel unbridled joy from shooting his son in front his recently deceased wife but by Christ that was liberating. Thank you Telltale, genuinely this time.

  • I thought this thread died long ago, I like Kenny.

  • Kenny's cool once you get past his grudge. But can we just let this thread die again?

  • I kind of agree, we do not need this back during ether the celebration that he is alive, or the morning for his death.

  • @Bioshock Infinite WD said: I thought this thread died long ago, I like Kenny.

    For a second I thought it said 'like Kenny,' instead of 'I like Kenny' and I was laughing out loud until I realized I'm an idiot.

  • @Rock114 said: All I heard from Kenny in the meat locker were facts. Larry was not breathing, he had no pulse, there was no medicine. No breathing + no pulse = dead. When you die, you come back as a walker. When you come back as a walker, you try to kill and eat living people. One bite, one little scratch, and it's all over. Larry didn't need to even kill anyone in the meat locker. If he came back and so much as scratched Lee, Clem, Lilly, or Kenny, then they would have died. Carley/Doug, Ben, Katjaa, and Duck also would ahve died. Those are all facts, or at the very least the most likely outcomes. So the man makes sure that nobody else dies, and gets pissed at Lee when he's willing to get the entire group killed to save some jackass who doesn't care about anyone but himself and his own family. Perhaps not even Lilly as much. Just give Lilly food the next time you play Episode 2, but don't give any to Larry. For a man who's sole reason for being the way he is is to "protect his daughter", you think he wouldn't complain about not being fed when his daughter was instead.

    As for Kenny "stealing" from the lone car, the key word is "lone". There was absolutely no reason to suspect that the owners of the car were even still alive, let alone coming back. There's a reason that the majority of players took the food. You did pay attention earlier in the episode, right? When the group was starving? When they had no food? The entire reason everyone went to the dairy was because they had no food left. Without the food in the car, the entire group would have starved to death. You can't say that taking it was wrong because "Campman came back". Kenny thought the car was abandoned. Katjaa thought the same thing. The way you say him stealing from the car is bad makes it seem like the group definately starving to death slowly is what everyone should have done, based on the suspicion that the owners might be alive, and might come back. Lilly even says at the start of Episode 2 that the group needs to find more food. Food presents itself, and what does she do? "Let's leave it here guys, the people who we don't even know are alive or coming back for it need it more than our large group with two children that is currently starving".

    Why wouldn't Kenny want Ben dead? I find it hilarious that you describe Ben as innocent. Ben's actions directly led to Duck being bitten and Kat commiting suicide, as well as Doug/Carley getting shot. Let's not forget Ben abandoning Clem to the walkers, which also gets Chuck killed when he has to step in and gets left behind. There's also Brie, who was eaten by the walkers that Ben let into the school. That's about five deaths resulting directly from his own actions before the belltower sequence. Ben even says himself that it's all his fault when he talks to Lee in private at Crawford. Kat and Duck were the people Kenny cared about most, the people he nearly died for at the St. John dairy. Ben got them, plus Carley/Doug, all killed in the same day, which was barely 24 hours in the past by the time the Crawford raid takes place. If you saw a chance to see the killer of your wife and child die like they did, barely a day or two after it happened, why wouldn't you take it? The man even forgives Ben for everything in the end! Tell him that Ben wanted to die in Crawford during the attic conversation. He'll even say "I'm glad it was you making that choice, and not me." Less than a day after realizing Ben killed his entire family, he forgives him and says that he's glad Ben didn't die. He even gives his life trying to save Ben, and when he realizes that he can't, he elects to use the one bullet he has left to painlessly mercy kill the kid who was responsible for his family's death. Which, in turn, results in his own death being drawn out and painful.

    For me my issue with Kenny wasn't that he killed Larry it's that he hated me for not helping him. Not helping him is not the same thing as trying to get his family killed it is an error of judgement on my part if Larry turned. IF! So basically Kenny is resenting me for making a mistake! The only mistake I made in 3 months if it was a mistake. It was never confirmed either way if Larry was going to reanimate or recover it was just speculated by Kenny that he wouldn't make it. Hating on Ben for consistently making mistakes and endangering the group is understandable hating on Lee for one act of negligence isn't understandable or reasonable considering his family made it out of the farm after the meat locker scene with Lee's help no less.

    Regarding the car looting, Kenny didn't care if the people were coming back or not. His response was it's ours now meaning use it or loose it or you snooze you loose, another expression that basically means fuck em. Most of the group didn't even want to take the food. It was only Kenny and Kat. Ben said they might come back, even Lilly who is considered by most as an uncaring bitch said that we would look like monsters to the owners of these belongings if they return and find their stuff gone. Kenny was even considering taking over the dairy farm because he didn't want to return to the motor inn and he thought the brothers had a good thing going at the farm. As for them starving, Lee and Clem didn't starve and they left the food in my playthrough so Kenny and Duck could have gone without also. It wouldn't have killed them. They could have at least taken half and written a note saying that they borrowed some of the people's belongings and if they are alive to come to the motor inn where they can have shelter etc and be reimbursed with new supplies, that would have at least been a compromise for those that disagreed with his decision.

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