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  • You see, here’s the problem: The script is 378 pages long. To me, this is my masterpiece.

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    Darth Marsden Moderator

    Wow. The you'll lose a lot of postage.

    Seriously though, it's not gonna do anything just sitting on your hard drive or whatever. It'll always be a "What if", and you can't live your life on what ifs. Go for it - the worst that can happen is they say no.

    Or change it beyond recognition, in which case just credit it to Alan Smithee and then turn it into a book.

  • My Superman story is complete. I think in tying Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Lex Luthor parallels due to their parentage, I did a good job.


  • I'm going to get Injustice Gods Among Us for my bday.

  • All this guitar practice, (with the help of Rocksmith of course! :D) seems to be paying off, as I'm slowly getting better.
    (Now that I can hear what a guitar sounds like amped! XD)

    Still, Chords prove an annoying weakness.
    (Better, but several transitions at once overwhelms me. (The game decided to throw Holy Diver at me as an encore. which is power chord galore. And I was just like *eep* FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!.... Give up... -_-))

    I need to unlock the chord minigame on this PC version and practice. (Which means playing for several hours to catch up with my PS3 version progress)
    Still, at least, sitting down on a proper chair (not on a bed anymore), is helping me by default.
    (And I see replaying songs a similar process to revising/practicing. It still throws extra stuff at me to do due to dynamic difficulty, and this game has a pretty decent song selection, (plus custom songs! ;D) so its pretty enjoyable! :) )

    Still, I've also noticed my right hand becoming more responsive lately.
    Maybe my brain had some kind of neurological change/maturation which makes my right hand more functional. I mean I type with both hands faster than I used to. Only noticed it happening about a week ago. (Like I almost touch type (despite never learning how to do it!))

    EDIT: Heck I've been doing some online typing tests, and I've scored as high as 60 wpm on some tests.

    (depends on how many mistakes I make. If I keep making typing errors, I automatically go back and fix most of them, taking me down to like 45-55 words per second, but when I'm in the groove, it shoots up to about 60! :O)

  • I've been playing guitar for ten years. Great way to relax.

  • @coolsome said: I'm going to get Injustice Gods Among Us for my bday.

    I want a bidet for my bday.

  • What I'm thinking about? The fact I have to do exercise everyday because I have rotated hips that's what's on my mind. Also I've been thinking, well planning out a zombie apocalypse story in my head about a woman called Rachel who's son is bitten and then turns and bites her and then she finds out she's immune. Not much really this and that everyday life, playing video games because I have no social life. Been thinking about how Kenny from the walking dead game could survived his 'death'. Been thinking about personal stuff. Been thinking about who the 12th Doctor from Doctor Who is going to be. Been thinking about the Walking Dead 400 Days release in July and Season 2 which comes out who knows when. That's it, nothing else.

  • @DAISHI said: I've been playing guitar for ten years. Great way to relax.

    When I’m bored, I sit down and record improv blues on my Stratocaster using Garageband. I pretty much just play anything that comes to mind.

    Also, I’ve been playing harmonica since I was two. I’m damn good.

  • Well I FINALLY remembered to sync up my PSN account and Steam account.

    And now I have Portal 2... ON THE PC!!! Dun dun duuuunnn!

    (But I need room on my HDD to install it though... >_>)

    Also coolsome. If its the PS3 version of Injustice, then you could do battle with me sometime! :D

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