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Activated under wrong account, now what?

posted by jjarvis on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users

I purchased The Walking Dead Game under a new telltale account because I just got a new email and did not want to try to recover the password and information for my old account. So I buy the game and download it no problem, then when the screen comes up to activate it, my email was already in the box so I just typed in my password. Unfortunately, the email in the box was my old email for my old account and I actually used the same password for both accounts (figures). So now it shows a message to go back to the website and buy the game for the old account when I just want to activate it under my new account. However, the activation screen does not come back, even when I exit the game and restart my computer. Does this mean I must uninstall then redownload the whole game from my computer or is there another way to access the original activation screen so that I may enter the new account's information?

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