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Trophy #1 - Exploration Trophy
Throw a lightswitch rave twice - 12%
Open the fridge once - 12%
Look at the Videlectrix poster twice - 12%
Look at Strong Mad's lunchbox once - 12%
Look at The Stick twice - 12%
Use the microphone twice after the race - 12%
Look at one of the piles of whatsit in the castle - 12%
Talk to the KoT once while he's in the hole -12%
Get all 8 of those - 4%

Trophy #2 - Hedge Clipping Trophy
Trim a hedge - 25% each
Hedge locations: The Track, near The Stick, Marzipan's house, and the KoT's castle.

Trophy #3 - Nuisance Trophy
Kick The Cheat into the dryer, then talk to him while he's in there - 20%
Talk to Homestar in the locker room 3 times about the race - 20%
Ring Marzipan's doorbell 4 times while she's there - 20%
Insult Bubs once - 20%
Insult Coach Z in his arfice once, after the race - 20%

Trophy #4 - Strong Sad Trophy
Insult Bubs twice - 33%
Throw candy into the hole to the right of Marzipan's door, when it's not covered - 33%
Look at the dirt after digging up the whatever in the Strong house front yard - 33%
Get all three of those - 1%

It's over!

If you miss insulting or annoying Homestar or the green Bubs during the course of the game, you can talk to them in extended mode and automatically annoy them. Annoying the Cheat, Marzipan, and Bubs Classic remain unchanged.

If you can't talk to the king because you put more clippings over after he fell in, and SB just goes "nice trap, good trap," then attempt to put chocolate on the covered hole and watch a cutscene in which the king demonstrates teleportation abilities. Then you can talk to the open hole

If you already did the above and covered it again, then using the chocolate on the hole again will allow you to talk to the king and throw chocolate in as though the hole were uncovered, even though the clippings are still there, and SB says he doesn't want to ruin the trap again.

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  • Not sure how to get a higher #1 percentage with the photo booth egg. I ran off three times, then ran back, and that didn't raise anything. And I can't seem to get the yellow T-shirt I heard about, in regular or extended.

    Does seem like you can only go upside-down if SB is wearing his regular stuff, though.

    Never mind, got it. Have to run to just the right spot. But... it didn't raise my percent at all.

  • It looks like it is possible to get the nuisance percentages that you missed, when you're in extended mode. I just loaded up my extended save game where I missed tormenting Homestar in the locker room, and on talking to him, SB did the "Is this bothering you?" thing, causing H*R to curse, and netting me the trophy.

    Unfortunately, the Strong Sad one can be unachievable. If you put the chocolate on top of the clippings where the KoT falls, then put more clippings on again, it appears to be impossible to remove them or to put more chocolate down, and thus it's impossible to feed the KoT.

    Oops. Maybe not. Huh. After examining the hole, SB talked to the KoT instead of the "Nice trap, good trap" routine, then did throw chocolate in.

    So it looks like all the trophies are attainable in extended mode, if you miss something.

  • I got the mustache on my own before extended mode. I did it after getting the Race to the End of the Race trophy, though it might be achievable any time after you're allowed to mess with the stuff on the track.

  • I got the mustache on my own before extended mode. I did it after getting the Race to the End of the Race trophy, though it might be achievable any time after you're allowed to mess with the stuff on the track.

    You're right, it is. I'll fix the list.

    Just need to figure out what the 8th and last thing is (I assume the missing 4% appears when you get it, like the 1% for finishing the Strong Sad ones). The yellow doggie shirt seems to be a dead end.

  • Here's the list of actions that get you trophy #1. I checked these pretty thoroughly.

    * Examine Strong Mad's Limozeen lunchbox (12%)
    * Examine the Stick (12%)
    * Examine the WavyMic in the kitchen (12%)
    * Flip the "rave" lightswitch twice, so you're defintately tired of that (12%)
    * Use the microphone at the track twice, so you get syllabus..curriculum (12%)
    * Throw chocolate down the hole to the trapped KOT (12%)
    * Examine the Whatsit in the KOT's castle (12%)
    * Examine the Videlectrix poster twice, getting "use computers to make video games" (16%)

    This awards the "Commitment to Obsessive Exploration" tropy, awarded by the local chapter of Easter Egg Sticklers.

  • Typo--fixed.

    I think it's more correct that your last action gives the 16%, rather than that specific one.

  • It's the fridge, not the microwave, in the kitchen. Other than that, the one I managed to miss this playthrough (but not my first) was examining the crap. Thanks! So apparently the yellow shirt is actually a red herring as far as the trophy is concerned.

    Also, I'm fairly sure that throwing the chocolate into the hole gets the Strong Sad one, regardless of whether the KoT is down there or not. The dialogue makes more sense if the KoT isn't there yet. "I guess the King's not as much of a lemming as I hoped," as in, the King didn't jump into the hole. You can also get something funny to happen by putting the clippings over the hole, then the candy on the clippings.

    And if you can't talk to the king because there are clippings and SB just goes "nice trap, good trap," attempt to put chocolate on the covered hole to uncover it, and have two Kings for a moment.

    If you already did that and covered it again, get more chocolate, then try and put it on the clippings again. Then you will be able to talk to the KoT and finish the easter egg trophy. And after talking to the KoT, you'll be able to throw chocolate in and finish the SS trophy.

  • Yeah, the yellow shirt isn't necessary to get the trophy; I'm still trying to figure out how to get the stupid thing...

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