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Further dialogue options you wish you had in the game

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Here's a few examples. If you saved Carley instead of Doug:

"I just want to know...why didn't you pick him?"

- Well, I had to make a decision in a stressful kind of environment...
- He told me to hurry up when I was killing my brother. Dick.
- Let's just face it, Carley, you're hot and he wasn't.

If you dropped a salt licker on Larry, but didn't skewer Danny:

"You kill my dad but let this piece of shit live? Fucking asshole!"

- I couldn't murder him in front of Clem!
- Fine. YOU shoot him.
- Well, your dad was a piece of shit too, so...

When confronting the stranger:

"I'd be a better surrogate father than you."

- You've got your wife's head in a bag.
- You've got your wife's head in a bag.

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  • @Ehkay said: Because I hate kids I always have and my neighbors kids have a lot to do with it and in in a zombie apocalypse they are useless if it wasn't for her Lee would still be alive I don't like Lee either but it just goes to show they get you into trouble. example would be Sophia from TV series. and Clem cried through the whole game "help me find my hat!, My walkie talkie!, i'm scared!, can we find my parents! If there was a real zombie apocalypse no kids in my group.

    Damn, you're as cold as Antarctica

  • That is why Nate is another one of my favorites from this game and yes survival of the fittest. Like Shane said its about survival not friends or kids.

  • I got one I posted in another thread about a Scumbag Lee playthrough, that some people seemed to like. In the meat locker, what I wanted to say...

    Lilly: Lee, he was still alive. I know he wasn't dead...
    Lee: Bitch, I don't give a fuck. I got blood on my jacket now, that's the REAL tragedy.

  • [quote=rock114;820603]i got one i posted in another thread about a scumbag lee playthrough, that some people seemed to like. In the meat locker, what i wanted to say...

    Lilly: Lee, he was still alive. I know he wasn't dead...
    Lee: Bitch, i don't give a fuck. I got blood on my jacket now, that's the real tragedy.[/quote]


  • Ben: I gave the bandits the supplies.
    1) what?
    2) don't tell anyone
    3) throw Ben off the train
    P.S I pick #3

  • Here's an alternative I think that would've been interesting to do in Shel's story; if you choose to go and kill Stephanie, Shel would actually have an option to grab and take her to the RV with her while aiming the gun at Roman the whole way back.

    "Back the fuck off! All of you!"
    "Shel, what the hell do you think you're doing?!"
    "I'm taking Steph and Becca with me, Roman. The three of us are leaving this place for good! You won't make me kill my friend!"

    Once they get inside, Roman tries to bust his way in until Shel starts the engine and drives them all away from the gas station.

    (I honestly agreed with Stephanie's decision on leaving that place, especially since I chose to let Roberto go and things took a turn for the worse afterwards. But I do think she shouldn't have tried to do it alone; that's (almost) always a stupid thing to do.)

  • I think when Katjaa mentioned something about doing whatever you can to survive, right after we witnessed the same justification being given by the family of cannibals, to Clementine, I felt like saying something like:

    "If you think about how many people are no longer living this far into the apocalypse, we have to assume that an abandoned car doesn't belong to anyone if they're not around to protect it."

    And when the Vernon wanted to take Clementine to his sewer hideout, I would've had to tell him that I'd rather take the risk of failure going somewhere where life is worth living, than handing her over to grow up in a shelter underground, lying below a massive horde of roaming zombies, surrounded by people who aren't healthy or strong enough to make it any safer than where we're going.

    And as much as I didn't want him to die for something as pointless as staying alongside Ben, I really wouldn't have let Kenny keep talking like he was better than anyone being the person who was so ruthless in the way that he murdered Larry. I wouldn't have thrown him out of the group, but he had gotten to the point where he thought we could murder survivors because it would be more convenient for us if they were about to die and turn into a zombie. Even if it was practical, he showed a lack of hesitation that made him the most dangerous, unpredictable person out of everyone.

  • When Ben says he gave the bandits supplies:
    1. ...
    2. *throw off train* (early Ben death, no hatchet in door incident)
    3. I'm telling EVERYBODY on this train what you did.
    4. I'm over it.

  • *When Shel sees the dead puppy
    2. *Shoots herself
    3. *beat up the evil walker
    4. *Take gun and eliminate everyone in the group
    5. *cry like a baby

  • The argument on the road
    Lilly: So Lee , who stoled our supplies ?
    1) Leonard Steakcharmer
    2) T-H-E-M
    3) Homestar
    4) A three-headed monkey
    5) The Hidden People
    6) Raptors

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