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Snake Boxer Manual Locations

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Someone help!I need to know where they are!

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  • No matter in what order you search the locations, the pages are always discovered in the same order: cover, 1, 2-49, 50.

  • I have 3/4 where do I get the 4th?

  • Er...the locations of all 4 pages are in this thread. Have you tried reading it?

    If you can't figure it out, you need to tell us which 3 you have so far.

  • @someguyfromazoo said: Someone help!I need to know where they are!

    ok if you want them, PM me cause i found them all

  • @Plombo said: OK, that means that it's different for every game - on mine, 2-49 were outside the KOT's castle and page 50 was in SB's yard.

    I think you got it backwords.

  • I have the cover, 2-49, and the backstory page. I got them from the KOT's place, SB's yard and Bub's box. Where is the 4th?

  • I don't understand!:confused:Why are people still responding while plimbles or whatever answered the original question in like the third comment. Come on PEOPLE!

  • If you don't get the "fetch quest" page the normal way, Bubs will hand it over just for talking to him in extended play.

  • Thanks--howto post edited.

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