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Lee and Kenny VS Joel and Tommy

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Lee and Kenny VS The Brothers of Boston Joel and Tommy from The Last Of Us .
Who Wins ?

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  • In this fight Ellie and Clem will watch the fight but than Joel and Tommy will start arguing with Lee and Kenny about how they are cheating and Lee and Kenny will say that they are cheating and then Ellie and Clem will get bored and decide to eat some ice scream and the adults will continue to throw swears , curses and insults at each other .

  • And when they are done with that Kenny will just toss a salt lick at someone and walk away.

  • @StalkerWalker said: I can just picture the fight now, Lee takes a few extra seconds deciding if he wants to punch Joel by pressing X or kick him pressing B, while kenny runs at Joel and just fails like he does all the time, Lee, finally deciding to kick Joel acts too slow and ends up in an awkward grapple and has to keep tapping A, and fucks up at the end by pressing B instead of Y, its now that Ellie shouts hey chickenshit and throws a brick at Lee, stunning him, Joel takes out his shotgun and rifle butts Lee to the floor, Lee utters...

    " clem,,,,,,"

    and then BANG, Joel shoots him, Ellie says " I tottaly nailed that Guy " to witch Joel replies " See if theres anything you can find "


  • Where relationship/partnership is concerned Blood is thicker than water, nuff said. Kenny would never have done for Lee what Tommy would do for Joel. Can any of you really imagine Kenny going against his wife's wishes and agreeing to put his life at risk by going on a journey he probably wouldn't come back from just because Lee asked him to? I know this is a telltale forum but come on. I suppose some of these fans believe Lee could win a fight against the incredible Hulk as well. I love the walking dead game and Lee as a character but I would be chatting shit if I said that Lee was more durable or capable than Joel. Joel is a total badass and on a next level, comparisons shouldn't even be made. Joel is more like Abraham Ford in the walking dead comics where as Lee is more like Morgan be for he lost his mind.

  • Joel and Tommy would win.

  • Not at all, I am sure he hates both Bioshock Infinite and the Last of Us, but somehow that hate is less then the Kenny hate he has.

  • @TeamKennyAlways said: Lee and Kenny. Lee good in combat and Kenny is pretty good (totally not anything to do with my love for Kenny's character or that I like the walking dead better :D)

    Are you serious? Lee good at combat? Lee get's dropped with one punch by Larry, he struggles to beat Kenny, a man that was defeated by a girl(Molly) and an elderly group if left to protect the boat. How is Lee good in combat? Most of his fights are against dumbass walkers. Lee's a great guy and a great character but he has no fighting skills whatsoever. Ellie would kick Lee and Kenny's asses by herself whilst Joel and Tommy eat pop corn,point and laugh.

  • Joel is a bad ass and with Tommy at his side they are almost unstoppable. And I like the last of us.

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