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My theory on Molly ( and theory on the picture of clem with a child for season 2 )

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Ok just bear with me coz it gets a bit crazy!! lol

In episode 4 when you get BACK to the mansion after meeting her and the cancer guys, there is a quick glance around the mansion in a cutscene and for a few seconds it focuses on a smashed picture frame with no picture inside it ( as if someone had broke it and pulled it out ) and then later when at crawford molly shows you the picture of her " sister ", look at it, take a photo if you can, then rewind the episode when you have free roam of the house, look at the big family portrait, the photo molly shows you looks REALLY like a younger version of the woman in that family picture, and its clear molly has been searching the house. ( its not impossible that someone would have a framed picture of there younger self in there home )

I dont exactly know why molly would go thru the hassle of making up that whole story, but i think she wanted to steal the boat and make a break for it with her sister but vernon beat her to it, did you not think it was odd that one second she wants a spot on the boat, then the next she just walked away? an the whole dead sister thing was to make Lee think she is a harmless young girl with troubles? Apparantly there is a picture of clem with a child for season 2, the child = mollys sister??? think about it, i hope it makes sense lol

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