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Lilly or Clementine

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I see that some people really love Lilly and would rather die for her than for Clem so here's the scenario :
Let's say that you get the option of going with Lilly and later she gets grabbed by 10 walkers and Clem gets grabbed by 3 walkers who you would save Lilly or Clem
If you save Lilly , Clementine dies and she demands to know why did you save her over Clem and here are the options
1 You are my new reason to live
2 Clementine isn't important
3 She was a burden
And after you choose one of those options Lilly is still not satisfied and Lee says something like " by staying with you , you made me realize that Clem is just another mouth to feed " and that he should of just left her alone from the beggining and that he really loves Lilly and that being with her he is much than with Clem .
Or if you save Clem Lilly dies and both of them decide to go on their own path
So you would guys save Clem over Lilly or decide that Lilly is much important than Clem .
Edit : when i said both of them decide to go on their own path i meant both of them stay together as a team and find a save heaven

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