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  • @GaryCXJk said:
    Anyway, I might plan on writing an article called "How the Internet killed a bipolar man", just in case Phil Fish actually does commit suicide. That way I have a day one article.

    ohh, that is morbid

  • @Darth Marsden said: Anybody else really, really sick of all this hot weather?

    Because I am. I'm fucking fed up of it.

    I hate when it gets this hot, because it completely drains all the energy out of me. Like, all of it. I'm basically just a lifeless collection of fluid and organs, flumped into a chair and doing NOTHING.

    I've got half a dozen things I should be doing. I've got that Let's Play of Drake of the 99 Dragons to finish (hell, I even scripted the damn thing, so that's the hard bit done already). I've got to find new video editing software. I've got video reviews to do, like Earthworm Jim 3D, which I need to reshoot 'cause I'm not happy with the stuff I've already done. I've got that Doctor Who thing to get back to. I've got a bloody novel I keep telling myself I'll get back to writing one of these days and yet never do. I've got books to read. I've got games to play (The Last of Us especially, since someone loaned it to me).

    And I can't do fucking ANY OF IT because of this fucking weather.

    Hell, I've practically had to FORCE myself to resume my Simon 3D Let's Play, and I keep stopping-starting that because I keep just running out of energy. If not for energy drinks, I'd have done none of it this month.

    We had rain yesterday, and even that didn't stop it being so goddamn hot. Fuck this summer. FUCK IT.

    I can't help but smile. I looked up the temperatures you guys are getting right now. Aaaand... this is so cute.

    @Darth Marsden said: I don't think he was just aiming at GAF, but the actual gaming community as a whole. The kind of people who think autism is a disease you get by getting vaccinated. The kind of people who claim graphics don't matter, then bitch about how a game has shitty graphics. The kind who rather wants to have content be changed into DLC just to get a game out faster, yet complain when a game does cut content to be put as DLC just to get the game out faster.

    I hate this stuff, too, but it's not just gaming, it's people in general. Look at Pacific Rim. Here we have a genuinely good original action movie, and when I tell my dad he should go see it, the first response I get is, "Wasn't it an enormous flop?"

    People hate good things. That's the only thing I can think of. Individually, people are cool and interesting, as a group they just want to swim in a sludge of mediocrity.

  • @Alcoremortis said: I can't help but smile. I looked up the temperatures you guys are getting right now. Aaaand... this is so cute.

    Well we have the hottest weekend of the year over here right now (it's 8pm and gotten kinda bearable again now)
    So how hot is it where you are?:cool:

  • Well, I live in Southern California within driving distance of the hottest temperatures ever recorded on the planet.

    Sooooo... pretty damn hot.

    But it's not so much the temperatures we have today, it's more that we have those temperatures for about eight months out of the year.

    Like, I see you guys getting high seventies and eighties... one time I think it got to a hundred or so for a week... and that's a very mild summer in SoCal. True, sweltering heat is when it starts getting significantly over a hundred. I think the hottest I've gotten in my area was somewhere around a hundred and fifteen. And our air conditioner broke. That was when we got a whole house fan as a back-up system because nobody wanted to ever have to go through that again.

  • @Alcoremortis said: And our air conditioner broke.

    What is an air conditioner?

  • @Alcoremortis said: Like, I see you guys getting high seventies and eighties...

    It was around 100 today and yesterday here.

  • Well, it looks like the internet was wrong once again, though I did mention in my above post that I did see a few days of getting to 100, but I was under the impression that that was last week sometime. In any case, 100 is a pretty standard summer temperature in SoCal... even NorCal to an extent, though the difference up there was I didn't have AC, just a dinky little fan. Actually, even in SoCal, we have a roommate meeting to decide whether it's hot enough to merit turning on the AC for a few hours to get back down to a reasonable temperature (usually about 75-80).

    I dunno, I see these temperatures you talk about and I'd still be wearing long sleeves and long pants outdoors for that. Maybe switch to sandals and roll up my sleeves, but that's about it.

  • I had a dream last night that I became friends with a kid in town, and fund out his parents were killed in a train wreck that was actually a murder. I did research on it, and then suspected his new abusive father. I sneaked into his apartment, but his dad caught me, chased me like a dream demon, and proceeded to dunk my head in sewage while making demon noises.

    In another dream I was going through town when satellites were falling from the sky. Suddenly, the sky was filled with satellites falling, and they were even crashing around me and a friend of mine. We ran into a store to hide, and as we did, the earth started rotating really fast and the stars became lines, and then the stars started falling away. I realized in horror the world was ending, and then men in black came to take us to an ark as the final survivors. I cried and cried, and woke up smelling like shit. I may have pissed myself.

  • I... had a really weird dream. I can't remember all of it exactly, but I do know that at some point I was investigating a garden in someone's backyard. I just walked in through the front door and out through the back and they had this little Japanese garden back there with a koi pond in their swimming pool. So I carefully noted all the things they got wrong (I guess I was some sort of garden vigilante) and then realized that this teenage girl was still at home and was on the phone calling the cops.

    And then, right then, her dad came home in a giant-ass truck and he was pretty big, too. For some reason, I tried hiding in the truck but forgot to close the door so he came over to close it which meant he was going to see me. So, in a flare of dream acrobatics, I dove out of the truck, ran across a busy street without getting hit, and continued running on this sidewalk with a hedge on the left side until I woke up.

    As dreams go, it was pretty whack.

  • I only have one dream I can remember. i was watching a ton of smurfs as a kid and that night I dreamt I was in the series. I was Gargamel and the smurfs ate me. That was life changing!

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