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Build Clementine a Family

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She needs:
A father
A mother
A brother/sister (just one or the other)
An aunt/uncle (again, just one or the other)
A grandpa/grandma (one or the other)

Use any 5 characters alive or dead--no more, no less. You can choose to use only alive characters for more of a challenge. Focus more on what the characters can provide for Clementine rather than their relationship towards each other. The father and mother don't have to be a valid couple to be parental figures for Clem.

My family:
Father: Lee (obvious)
Mother: Katjaa (A very motherly figure, provides words of hope and can take care of injuries)
Sister: Molly (Can teach Clem cool survival techniques)
Uncle: Omid (A fun uncle for her to joke around with)
Grandpa: Chuck (Provides words of wisdom, music, and candy)

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