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Strong Sad's Room?

posted by splash1 on - last edited - Viewed by 699 users

hello, anyone know how to get in Strong Sad's Room? there's got to be a way to get in there!
if anyone found a way in, tell please.

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  • dude whats you problem?
    i too want to get in strongsad's room... so how about YOU
    shut up!!!

    thats to smileyman206 no offence splash1

  • hay guyz how abot we all SHUT UPP?? ;)

    I have not found a way to get into Strong Sad's room, though I've only played the demo of the game.

  • Maybe in a future episode it is revealed that Strong Sad was doing something strange stuff in there and that's why Strong Bad couldn't get in there.

    Ok, he took his DNA Evidence and was making clones of him self. Explaining why he did that incredible Magic Trick in Magic Trick.

    The clones start running a mock in Free Country and Strong Bad, with the help of Homestar and The Cheat have to take the Sads down!

  • i went in his room in the tutorial, but that's it, we need a way to get in

  • I feel bad for you. Wasted all that time typing in a bunch of spoilers. 'Tis a shame.:(


    mjdc76, you are a complete [insert ban worthy slur here]. I was going step by step, and finally kept going after the banner refused to come down.

    May your next favourite games' hours-upon-hours-of-playing save files overwrite by accident and/or corrupt and die.

    Saving all the other poor sods following me time and effort. Dude, if you want to play jokes, make the punchline swifter, then people won't want to punch you for wasted time.

  • How do you get the banner down?

  • I disagree with Certifiable, and I think it's quite beautiful.

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