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Only Episode 1 appears as finished / save problem

posted by FenixSword on - last edited - Viewed by 735 users

Hello Telltale Community! Please help!!!

I have it for PC and I bought it via Steam, please help.

When I finish Episode 1 and go to the Menu and then click on the button that says Episode 1 it moves forward to Episode 2 as it should, I also can review my Stats from Episode 1.
However, if I start Episode 2 and play until I reach an autosave and quit, when I restart the game and go to the Title screen of episode 2 it doesn't say continue, it only says start as if I haven't played at all and I have to start over.
If I finish Episode 2 in one session and then go to the menu it says Episode 2 and when I click on it it moves forward to episode 3. However, when I leave the game and start it again it has the same problem, I can only start Episode 2 and review my Stats from Episode 1 NOT Episode 2, as if I never played it. That is really frustrating.
Also some of my choices won't carry over from episode 1 to 2 and from 2 two 3. I already tried the prefs.prop solution that I found in the forums, but that won't help.

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