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Why did Kenny stay behind with Ben?

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He had enough time to lock Lee inside the fenced off bit so surely he had enough time to quickly shoot Ben in the head and climb up the ladder with Lee. It might be a little bit mean this way but there's not much point in dying (probably) just so Ben has a couple more seconds of living
It seems so unnecessary, I don't understand why he stuck around. Am I the only one who thought this?

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  • My own interpretation is that when Ben got impaled and the walkers came, the situation immediately reminded Kenny of Shawn back in episode 1. We know that Kenny highly regret leaving Shawn to die, and repeatedly believes that he killed Hershel's son. Seeing Ben in a helpless state about to be eaten by walkers, Kenny immediately thinks back to Shawn. He couldn't just shoot Ben and run away again. He wanted to do the right thing. Even if he couldn't get Ben out, he died with him to make sure he did not make the same mistake twice.

    He didn't want to do it for himself, he wanted to do it for Ben.

  • Kenny was acting completely out of character in the Ben Rescue Scene for mere Shock Value -
    In my own personal opinion...

  • I think Kenny thought that there was some chance, as small as it was, that he could help Ben at that point, or if he couldn't he would be with Katjaa as he says if you choose a dialogue option. And then when he realised there was no way out, he used his last bullet on Ben and tried to fight his way out. Him fighting against the walkers suggests to me he wasn't suicidal.

    When he says:
    "You don't just end it cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about."
    I think he did exactly that, because he tried to help Ben and he obviously cared for him, especially after what Ben said to Kenny in Episode 5.

    And also when Kenny says:
    "It's just something I gotta do, you know that"
    I think that he was talking about trying to save Ben, and after everything that happened Kenny can't just leave Ben behind, or shoot him and then leave. I think he was saying that he had to at least try to save Ben.

    Edit: I agree with what Rock114 Zeruis said as well, him trying to save Ben (or Christa) was sort of redemption for past actions like what he did on Hershel's farm.

  • To paraphrase Kenny:
    "Suicide ain't the answer, I tell you what - Now wait here whilst I walk to my death, Bobby..."

  • I agree with Rock and Zeruis, but I like to think he did not want to die, he tried to save him and when he knew he could not he put him out of his misery, and then try's to escape but by then there are two many walkers.

  • @The Law said: To paraphrase Kenny:
    "Suicide ain't the answer, I tell you what - Now wait here whilst I walk to my death, Bobby..."

    Lol, pretty much this:D

    From my pov Kenny was using Ben as an excuse to end things early. To be fair, the guy had been through a lot and suicide is understandable at that point but...the fact that Kenny berates Katjaa moments before walking to his death is what pisses me off.:mad:

  • If you think about everybody in his group were already dead. Lee was bit and ben was dying. and we barely met christa and omid like 2 3 days ago so what did he have left

  • Narrative convenience. That's all it was. The writer needed to get rid of Kenny, and if the player had chosen to save Ben, the scene in the alley was used to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    There might be a rational explanation for Kenny's behaviour in that moment, but it doesn't make the sequence any less infuriating. Ben was clearly a goner one way or another, and if Lee had shouted something to the effect of "Kenny, I'm bitten, you're the last chance Clem's got", he might have been convinced to escape alongside Lee. It's obvious that Kenny was basically unhinged by that point, even if his wish to save Ben was noble.

  • Kenny knew he wasn't getting Ben out of there. Heck, he locks off his only viable escape route if you try to talk him out of it.

  • True, but if he wanted to die then why did he fight back and then run away from the horde instead of just stand still?

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