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( Poll ) do you WANT to see people from the TV Show in season 2? ( poll )

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I think this is a shitty idear because the game taking place in the world of the comics is what made me love the game, when i play it i like the feeling that somewhere out there rick and his gang ( from the comics ) are out there doing there thing, so to add add anyone from the TV show and make them LOOK liek them ( Example if they brought Andrea in and made her look like TV show andrea ) it would ruin it for me, im fine with adding a few comic characters for a cameo, but DO NOT ADD TV SHOW CHARACTERS, i hope other die hard comic fans agree on this.

BTW the " yes " choice = yes i would mind, " no " = no i would not mind

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  • I watched one of the panel discussions and they said they were looking into the possibility of this exact thing happening. I trust them to do whatever they think is best for the game, I really enjoyed meeting Glenn and Hershel in Season 1.

  • I wouldn't place too much faith in the wiki it changes nearly by the day. I'd trust telltale are wise enough not to make the stupid mistake of messing around with the tv show universe

  • Well, on of the guys who works on the TV show said he was a fan of Telltale's game, and in the Season 4 trailer, it showed Michonne pointing specifically pointing to Macon on a map. It's definitely a possibility.

  • I love the TV show but I hope they keep the TV universe seperate from the comic (game) universe.

    However if they were going to include, for example someone like Merle, Daryl, etc... who aren't in the comic, and just say that this is them in the comic universe, and Robert Kirkman agreed with it, then I would be okay with that. BUT I would much rather they just leave the universes completely seperate.

  • Please dont put any characters from the TV show..

  • Absolutely NOT I don't want the tv characters in the game, it would spoil it for me since I don't watch the tv show nor do I want to. F*ck the tv show, f*ck this idea to put the tv characters in the game, f*ck that - Justin 400 days quote.

  • But the thing I will say if Telltale goes through with this:

    But let's hope I won't have to yell that out loud.

  • I have only watched the first season of the TV show and don't even remember most of the characters anymore. I think Daryl is the only one who managed to stick in my head and who I actually rooted for.
    In the game I got attached to almost all characters. Even those who I disliked, I found still to be interesting and memorable.

    So I would prefer for them not to mix the two and just focus on their great original characters. I wouldn't mind some small hints towards the TV show but please don't put your focus on them. Of course the game could actually make the characters from the show better (since IMO the writing is FAR superior in the game) but they do not have as much freedom with those characters so they could just fall flat on their faces and distract from the original characters.

  • I'm pretty sure they already said that the comic and the game take place in the same universe so basically putting a TV show character in there especially one that wasn't in the comics like Daryl wouldn't be that great in my opinion.

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