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What do YOU think of each 400 day character so far?

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Seeing as we still don't really know much about the 400 days survivors and there's lots of speculation about how they will play a part in season 2, I figured why not get everyone's thoughts about each character and how long you think they will last. Feel free to throw in analysis and head-canons here.

Vince - I could quite easily see him becoming the leader type. He already seems to have taken on that role when Tavia approaches. I imagine he'll survive quite far into the game.
Wyatt - I'm really not sure what to make of him at this point. I felt his story was more Eddies than Wyatt's. (See below) Dunno how long he'll last.
Rusell - He's another one I'm unsure about. The guy has serious trust issues so I definitely see disagreements in his future. Those trust issues could be both a good and a bad thing though. It is quite possible by being so overly cautious, it will backfire on him and cost him his life.
Bonnie - We know she's a former drug addict but she seems to be coping rather well and was able to defend herself in the cornfield which will come in handy. If any medicine goes missing I have a feeling she'll be first to be (wrongly) accused - most likely by Becca and/or Russell but despite that I think she'll surprise everyone and survive longer than the others. (Vince being the only possible exception.)
Shel - I'm not really a fan of Shel. I get that she's trying to protect her little sister, but her and her story just kinda bored me more than the others. She'll probably last a while but I imagine she will get into spats with others most likely about Becca.

Which NPCs would you like to see return?
For me the biggest NPC character I want to see return is Eddie! We may have been playing Wyatt's story but I personally felt Wyatt was more of a sidekick and we actually learnt more about Eddie. He's the one that shot Nate's friend, he's the reason Nate is chasing them and he's also the one that hits the cop.

However as a really curious person, I'd love to know what happened to the other NPCs too. (This goes for S1 characters such as Lily and Molly too.)
I left Nate, Leland came with me as Bonnie,
I played my save as if it was me in their shoes. Keeping everyone alive unless there was no other option. The only bits I changed where replaying Vince's story to shoot Danny (who I originally saved as he seemed more trustworthy) so Vince would come to camp with everyone else, and replaying Shels story to shoot the introder so Boyd would still be alive.

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  • Vince's personality is even more blank slate than Gordon Freeman's.
    But he looks cool - I'll give him that...

    Russell is a goody-two-shoes standing on the moral high-ground.
    Punk-Ass - in my own personal opinion...

    Wyatt looks like he'll be the Mother of this group like Katjaa was to Lee's.
    Seems like a bit of a coward, though - no matter how you play him...

    I don't know what to make of Shel, and I don't mind 'Becca (I don't know why so many people hate her).

    Bonnie seems like a bit of a ditz to me - but she shrugs off Roman's bullets and can invade someone's space with a pole to their face...

    I like them all in different ways, but Vince takes the cake for being my favourite.

    EDIT: My favourite NPC (and perhaps character in general) is Nate - I would love to see him return...

    If he gets killed off I'm gonna flip!

  • Vince: Cool
    Russell: Whiny
    Wyatt: Confused
    Shel: Scared
    Bonnie: ...
    Nate: The best

  • I like all five, although Vince and Bonnie stand-out. Vince exudes :cool: and Bonnie is endearing to me.

    Points against Shel: her lemon-faced sidekick. Regardless of Becca, she 'grabs' me the least of the five, which I feel is a bit unfair of me to say, given Wyatt. Like RainbowKitten said, it ended up feeling more like Eddie's story than Wyatt's.

  • Vince: He seems like the leader type, I think he'll survive far.
    Russel: He has trust issues his story was more Nate's story.
    Wyatt: I don't know, he seems like a cool guy he plays RPS :D
    Shel: She's ok it's just that bitch of a sister Becca I worried about (you probably know by now that I f*cking hate Becca!)
    Bonnie: She seemed to handle herself well, she thought back when she was in danger (it just turn out to be a jealous Dee)

    NPC Return: I want to see Nate return, he's one of my favourite characters you know and I'm not exactly sure why myself.....

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