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Voice Actors You'd Like to See in Season 2

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I would love to see Troy Baker, Nolan North and Adam Harrington in Season 2, as they are some of my favorite voice actors.

I would also like to see Roger Craig Smith and the voice for Clive (dudes a badass)

What about you? Who do you want to see? Feel free to mention VAs that are not on this list!

Also, remember this is a multiple choice thread!

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  • Me to, it made me feel bad for him, even if he did kill Mark.

  • @WalkingDeadFan23 said: Wait...

    So this means you're the "FUCK ME?! FUCK YOU MOTHAFUCKER" guy!?!?!


    Guilty as charged. And thanks everyone, I'm glad y'all are enjoying my work with Telltale. I've voiced hundreds of gaming characters in my career (including 5 League of Legends champs) but TTG consistently provides my VA friends and me with the best, most coplex characters. These guys and gals are unmatched when it comes to humor/character development/writing for the spoken word. No other developer even comes close.

    -Adam H

    BTW, if you've ever got any questions about video game voice acting (including our work with Telltale) leave your questions in the comment section of my buddy Erik Braa (voice of Danny in Vince's story) and my YouTube show "In the Booth With Adam & Erik":

    Prizes and a 10 min Skype session with us every episode for most upvoted comment/question!

    -Adam H

  • The voice of Andy St John who delivered one of my favourite lines in season 1 is in this Thread....


    Awesome Voice Actor!

  • Amazing, all three of those roles were great, no matter how long or short it was, I hope you voice many more characters, you can change your voice so well.

  • "Holy Hell" indeed. Boy am I late to the party. This whole interweb technology thingy is still a mystery to me. I was just now made aware of this post and I felt it my duty to stop by and say thank you. So.... Thank You. Mr. Octopus, or can I just call you "sick", your kind remark of "Brian Sommer...can do creepy incredibly well" has warmed my heart. Seriously, that is just the kind of thing I want to hear. I have made a career out of voicing the bad guys, so your word were truly appreciated. After all, ultimately I work for the gamers. Its your acceptance that keeps me employed. My best to all of you. Game on!

  • Good god, this thread had both Saint John Bros here? I can't believe it.

  • Feel free to come over for dinner anytime...... "It'll be a GOOD one!"

  • Don't forget Melissa Hutchison for Clementine. Her child-voice is just fabulous.

  • Alt text

    Sick's fine, lol.

    With Danny you hit it out of the park in terms of convincing creep factor and subsequently you've made a lasting impression on so many people. So, well done.

    I still can't get over you having voiced Brady Culture. That was a nice surprise.

    Telltale's VA pool oozes talent and it's so damn awesome to have some of that talent come on here and interact with their fans sometimes. It really is.

  • Wow, a "Double Hulk Fist Smash". I am honored.

    There are a lot of very talented people who add their skills to make a character come to life. Writers, Directors, Artists, etc. I was very pleased to be asked to add my piece of the puzzle for Danny St. John (and all the other characters I have voiced for Telltale). But without the writers, what would I say? Without the directors, how would I say it? Without the artists, who would be saying it? These characters are a compilation of many fine folks.

    When it comes to voicing a 'baddie' (which I have made a career out of) sometimes they are played for laughs. However in the case of Danny St. John, he had to be the real deal. I have always thought that Danny was not a product of the apocalypse. He was messed up way before that happened. His brother and mom are fairly 'normal' in comparison. I think Danny offered them a solution to the problem when the walkers came, and they went along with it. Danny, therefore, had to have a few major screws loose. We actually recorded him three times. After the first session the producers thought he was a bit too tame, so we took a second pass at him and added some 'creepy' to him. But it was later discovered that we may have gone too far, and would reveal too much too early. So back into to the studio for a third time to marry the two performances. And, just like Goldilocks, got it 'just right'. That is a great example of the dedication of the Telltale team to get it right. They want these characters, these games to be the best they can be, and if something is not quite right, then they will do it again until it is. I have been voicing characters for Telltale for quite a few years now, and it has been my pleasure to do so. A great group to work for.

    The fans of the Telltale games are a product of that quality. If you put out a quality game, you get quality fans. And you folks certainly have continued that trend. I have received many emails and messages over the years and have been impressed with all

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