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Lee - Best Character Ever

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I think that Lee Everett is the best character Ever, and he couldn't die like this... He wouldn't get bit that way... I really want to see him again in season 2. You just can't get the main character killed like that...
Really best character of video games history die like that? I think decision with cutting arm off should matter something... Or the bite was a dream like a zombie clem in rv... Just want to see him once again with full his energy. I can't imagine new PC for season 2... He was the only one PC that i can stand in twd. When i was playing 400 days i didn't care for the new characters...

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  • i say keep him dead. yeah, he was a good character and will sorely be missed but i hate cheap comebacks more than anything. I mean if lee isn't dead than anyone has the potential of coming back and that ruins everything. no longer will you be sad when someone dies because you'll think "there's always a possibility." No! He's dead. Accept it and move on with your life.

    the only condition i would like to lee again is as a zombie. Maybe we can chain him up and keep him as a pet or something.

  • I agree, he was amazing in all, and I wish they did not kill him, but what's done is done, dead, dies, will die apples here.

  • Anyway i hope they'll make that into a dream or something like that.

  • In a perfect world everyone would be alive except Ben ofc :D but seriously ,a perfect scenario would be you start off S2 with omid and Christa getting down to the street,exploring the hotel where you hear a crackle on the walkie-talkie, '.....jewellry store..urgh...'', you have to navigate it through the streets until you reach the store,you see a body on the floor of a walker..its the security! :D Lee sits passed out from blood loss in the corner,you give him a energy bar and an apple,and all three of them set off in search of Clem in the countryside,meanwhile on the way you run into Vernon trying to get his boat on the high seas,guy can dream but i do think it should start off at the store or the rooftop.

    i don't think Telltale ever thought there would be a sequel when they were making it,raises the question,how do you bring a character back from the dead without ruining the game,tricky

  • The answer is you can't, if you put so much emotion into that scene, you are not going to ruin it by bring Lee back.

  • Do not bring characters back that would be really stupid and ruin the game. And for the 100th time this is an apocalypse people are going to die and anyone can die at any time.

  • @Ehkay said: And for the 100th time this is an apocalypse people are going to die and anyone can die at any time.

    Technically, this is true regardless of whether or not there's an apocalypse. And just because death is common doesn't make it suck any less to have to deal with the loss of someone you care about. Even if they are fictional.

    I'll agree with you on one thing, though. Bringing Lee back would ruin the game.

  • I wish he was alive, but he is dead, and like I said what's done can never be undone.

  • You know, When i was playing 400 days, i didn't care what would happen to these main characters. Just missed our best ;]

  • I'm sorry, but Doug is clearly the best character.

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