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About Justin and Danny.....

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The problem I had with the two in the story was that after you shoot of one of two's leg, Vince simply abandons one of them, without any emotion, which just felt contradictory in his story.

I liked Justin AND Danny, regardless of there crimes. Danny seemed like a cool guy and seemed to care about Vince and Justin (Standing in front of that guard's shotgun so THEY wont get hurt, even making a remark that he, Justin, and Vince should get into business which me chuckle), even though he was sort of dumb (But he was pretty funny at it) and is (A confirmed) rapist, Vince still seemed to care about Danny at the campsite.

Justin, even though he was a dick, was pretty straight forward and calm (His remarks to Danny were pretty funny honestly), although he was too much of an asshole than Danny which had me shoot him (Telling Danny he was a rapist fuck caused me to do it, and yeah he was, but you didnt know if he was or not at the time), though at the end, Vince joins Tavia because it seems that he wants to find Justin, showing that Vince may have regards for him.

Now comes the part where you had to shoot on of their legs, it was pretty shocking to me and pretty fucking hard to decide (I chose Justin), and I actually felt bad. But after they got out of the bus, Vince and Danny just abandons Justin to get EATEN ALIVE which I just thought was pretty dumb and gave me a WTF moment. If I was Vince, I'd grab Justin, apologize with all of my damn heart, and just find a way to replace a missing foot (No man gets left behind, and it seemed Vince would help both of em out), though Im not sure considering this though because Justin would probably kill me after SHOOTING off his leg, but a living man is better than a dead man.

Regardless, the ending of that story was just stupid, it just seemed downright odd that Vince and Danny would just leave his ass to Walkers when I just saw them bond and what looked like them being somewhat friends (Hell even Danny complimented to Justin nicely about finding the gun, also they remind me of the Three Stooges for some reason, lol). Yes we did blow off his god damn foot, but come on, you either do that or get eaten, but that part if the person would want revenge for it is the unknown.

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  • @MsLox said: Originally I killed Justin on instinct for some reason and later felt kinda stupid since Danny is a rapist and not killing him makes Vince not go to the settlement (which the game kinda forces you to feel is the "good" ending).

    When I played on another save to try killing Danny, I listened to their interactions better and realized I instinctively killed Justin for a reason. Danny was braver, stronger, and more trustworthy than Justin, and even though he may be a confirmed rapist, he didn't seem to be a purposeful angry rapist. He probably made a mistake, possibly even drunkenly (AND I'M NOT SAYING THAT'S OKAY, JUST BETTER THAN THE RAPISTS WHO RAPE TO HURT AND KILL). Justin purposefully stole from others, lied on the stand, and made no move to help in the prison bus situation.

    And even if Danny is the worst kind of rapist, Vince is a guy and is in no danger of him. He's better off during a zombie apocalypse with a strong and loyal rapist then a weak and untrustworthy conman.

    Danny might not be a danger to Vince but what about Clementine? That's why I shot him. That happened on day 2 which means that he could have ended up being one of the people Clementine saw on the hill at the end of season 1 since the developers said that people will only be in season 2 that were in the 400 days dlc if we made certain choices in the dlc. The way I see it he's one sicko less for me to worry about when Clementine returns in season 2.

  • I think Danny is guilty of rape, at the least. Maybe it wasn't a 15 year old girl, maybe it was, but I still think he's guilty of rape. And that's enough for me to not feel sorry for him. Granted, pretty much everyone on that bus was scum, and likely deserved a similar fate, but if I had to pick one person to shoot it would be Danny. I shot him in my first playthrough, and didn't feel guilty. Heck, it WAS his idea to shoot off the cuffs, which means he pretty much volunteered, but the fact is he could do far more damage than Justin could, if we're just going by crimes commited before the apocalypse.

  • I think they left them in a panic honestly and at the end of the day they would have probably bled out

  • @Evil_Intent said: I am thinking of this:
    Shel and Beth go because a settlement is better for Shel taking care of her young sister (Even if I rewind)
    Bonnie goes regardless
    Wyatt goes SOLELY so I can hope I find Eddie (If I dont, Im rewinding to have him stay because hes friends with Vince for saving his life)
    Russell stay (Thinking of rewind if he doesnt finds his family)
    Vince stay (Fuck Tavias settlement, Im having him leave the Bus with Danny cause he's friends with Vince and cares about him)

    Let's hope that the guy you saved doesn't end up being one of the people Clem see's on the hill at the end of ep5. Remember how telltale work. The food in the abandoned car in ep 2 looked consequence free and we know how that turned out. The difference here is in season 1 you had the same ending even if you didn't take the guys food but with season 2, Telltale have said that you may see characters from 400 days if you make certain choices in the dlc. I don't know about you but if Clem was to cross paths with one of the people Vince helped escape I would rather it be the guy who stole people's money than the guy who can't keep his dick in his pants. Danny was convicted of rape before the apocalypse when there were laws, what the fuck do people think he would do now that society has broken down? In the new world there is no police, anything goes. Rape is common in the apocalypse, it's done by folk that wouldn't have considered it in the world before. For that reason, Danny scares the hell out of me.

  • I think Danny is actually a rapist, and that he raped someone when Vince was here. When Tavia comes at the camp and Russell implies that he did some nasty stuff, Vince doesn't try to defend him, even though he seemed to like him. I mean, would a guy like Vince let a pal being accused of something he said he didn't do ?

    Would be awful, but really TWDesque if the people Clem has seen were Vince and Danny if you saved him.

  • @HollyMoly said: When Tavia comes at the camp and Russell implies that he did some nasty stuff, Vince doesn't try to defend him, even though he seemed to like him. I mean, would a guy like Vince let a pal being accused of something he said he didn't do?

    Russell didn't imply that Danny did anything, though; he just calls him an asshole and says it's a good thing he left before they found Shel and Becca. Which, at most, implies that Russell knew of either Danny's rape charges or that Danny maybe had a misogynistic attitude in general.

    I don't think Vince tries to defend him because they have more pressing matters at hand. He has a gun pointed at Tavia, who he thinks is potentially dangerous. He's not about to lose focus so he can discuss whether or not some guy who he may never see again is actually a rapist or not.

  • Agreed. I liked both guys (crimes aside) but ended up shooting Justin as he kept going on about how much he didn't regret what he did and was good at lying, etc so he seemed more likely to stab you in the back. However I didn't realize that shooting the chain off meant you left them behind to get killed, I figured you'd drag them out and at least try to help. You didn't even have the option to put him out of his misery. And in the end if you save Danny he dies off-screen anyway so it didn't matter.

    Also I thought it was stupid how this one decision decided if Vince would go with Tavia or not. How did that have any impact? In the other scenarios it made sense: for example Wyatt feels bad abandoning his friend and wants to find him vs Wyatt getting abandoned by his friend and not trusting anyone. But for Vince it didn't really make any sense.

  • A rapist and a drug dealer.

  • @fabi777 said: A rapist and a drug dealer.

    Justin was a fraudster not a Drug Dealer

  • I almost smashed my left click the first time that moment/scene started rolling it, I kept thinking (DON'T LEAVE HIM BEHIND DON'T LEAVE HIM BEHIND) omg, it's always an impossible situation that 2 are in, only 1 gets out, IRL if that really happened u could save the one u shot or something.

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