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Doug was changing.

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I feel like Doug changed a bit in episode 3. He seemed more outgoing and defensive.

For example, he shoots a bandit in the face (Sorry, couldn't find one without commentary)

Then, there's the scene in the RV when Lilly accuses Ben of stealing, and Doug says "But we have our health!" in a tone of voice that seems not Dougish.
Almost...aggressive. It's subtle, but there.

And then... the final scene with Doug. He defends himself and Ben, which is quite odd for such a shy, calm, passive-aggressive man like him to do.
But even though he calmly argues with Lilly, he says "Evidence or not, This isn't a way to treat one of US!" to which Lilly tells him off, and he gives her a dirty, angry look, very similar to this -- :mad: -- . Even though it's just for a few seconds before the camera cuts to Kenny, it's very odd for him to dirty look someone like that. (

So, in short, I feel like what lee said was true. "Shooting people changes you"
I feel like Doug was become more outgoing and tough almost, being brave enough to jump in front of a bullet for his friend.

It's a shame he died shortly afterward, I would have liked to see how the story would've played out had he survived and became more outgoing and tough, maybe even stand up for himself and shock all the players, like Ben in episode 5.


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  • @master psychic said: Yeah Doug was changing , and not in a good way .
    If Ben was shot instead of Doug and when Lilly blurts out the secret , i think Doug would be pissed at Lee for letting Carley die because she knew his secret and might start to hate him and actually turn his gun on Lee but wouldn't manage to do it .

    But how would Doug know that Carley knew the secret in the first place? O.o

  • Don't mind me whilst I just dump this here...

    @The Law said: Doug.

    I found him to be the comic relief of the group (until Omid shows up to replace him).

    Calling Larry a dick; Admitting he was weird; Eating the Muffins; Not knowing his way around the Dairy; His laser-pointer; Fixing the Solenoid; etc.

    He made me laugh many a time.

    He started to develop more as a character in Episode 3 by confessing to Lee that he felt useless, shooting a Bandit, telling Lee where to shoot, and finally joining in on the group discussion whilst on Kenny's RV.

    He had so much potential.

    I can imagine him one year in - kicking ass, taking names, and cracking jokes...

    He was too good for this world.

  • For some reason the new forums didn't allow the youtube videos to start at the right times, so here they are. 1st video- 1:56 2nd Video: 5:16 3d video: 8:54

  • I think you guys have it wrong. He was changing but we never got to come close to seeing it. Carley in the drug store said that Doug saved her life so to me it's very possible that he has the capacity to kill but only when the situation demands it. Lee's comment back to Carley was "you never know who the heroic ones are going to be" or something like that. Just seems like shooting the bandit, standing up for Ben is very much in his character. Even taking the bullet seems in character. He seemed like the kind of character that you could see change drastically for better or worse, we'll never know though.

  • True, but what about the way he talks?

  • Yeah, I dont think he really was changing, Carley's story of how Doug came and saved her and his remorse at her death show how much he cares for people. He also stepped up and defended the drug store with you in Ep.1 and was willing to sacrifice his life in that situation as well (Still... I wish you would have picked her...).

    When the group needs him, he can be counted on to fight and he tells Lee he doesnt like guns, so it can be assumed he is non-violent. He doesnt want to see Ben get hurt, he wants to talk things out, very Doug thing to do I think.

  • Marioluigi344, if you mean the way he talks at the motel it's why I say he was changing. His morale was certainly down probably because of the kind of person he is and wondering if he can bring anything to the group because of it. I think it's that that makes me think he was changing but we never got to see it. If he had been around by episode 4 I think we would have seen a very different Doug. I don't think that Carley would have undergone as much of a transformation, she seemed to have a very specific view of herself.

  • This makes me think of Doug as a character that could go far in development if he survived. Interesting...

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