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The Fate of 400 Days Side Characters in Season 2

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Any predictions?

I don't think Eddie will be dead, both because he appears to be a fan favorite, and because Wyatt's story ends with one of them abandoning the other. There is too much potential drama in the abandonment storyline for that not to resurface in the sequel. At the very least Eddie survives to have a confrontation with Wyatt about it.

Of course being The Walking Dead, I don't think Eddie's long term prospects are good. :cool:

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  • Me also, now we can only pray and hope the masters of comedy meet...

  • Although I don't really mind if 400 days characters return, I don't really want a storyline involving Nate. Don't get me wrong Nate really stole the show in 400 days, but he just seems like a one time character, and I kind of don't want him to be in the season 2 plot.

  • I think Eddie might have a good chance of returning. I don't see Nate returning, though. It's never explained why Russell ran away from him if you chose to stay with him. It's a good chance he's dead.

    From all the 400 Days side characters, I really want Roman to return as a major antagonist. He seems like he has a lot of potential.

  • I'd be down with Roman returning.

    As long as I get to kick the bully's teeth in.

  • Ed's dead baby. Ed's dead.

    Well, actually, I only think he died if Wyatt abandoned him. If he escapes in the car, I would think that he survived. Since that happened in my game, I'm all for seeing him again. I know it's been said before (many times) but I'd also like to see Nate again. He was a very interesting character, and would be a VERY dangerous person to have trying to kill you. Good antagonist material. Also, Clive because he seemed like a cool dude (with hair to match!). Boyd too, but, unfortunately, he is dead in my game :(

  • Is Becca a side character? If so know exactly what her fates gonna be and I'm going to be apart of it *evil grin*..... If not then I'll just kill her anyway, I'm off to get my chainsaw.

  • Well, you have to remember Telltale said that the DLC would make it so that some characters would appear in S2 or not, depending on your choices. I'm guessing it's someone from each story: Justin from Vince's (if saved), Eddie from Wyatt's (if not left behind), Nate from Russell's(no idea which choice would make him appear or not), Leland from Bonnie's (if not left behind) and Roman from Shel's (if left behind).

  • Eddie and Wyatt remind me a lot of my relationship with my friend. I can't imagine how Wyatt feels after a whole year without him too, whatever happens with his story is probably going to be the one that drains me emotionally the most. Everybody else was interesting and a breathe of fresh air for character development. Got to see more of them than we did Season 1's cast...

    I hope it's beautiful.

  • Roman come after Shel Becca and Bonnie, Danny comes after Vince, Nate comes after Wyatt, and Russell is Russell.
    I only have Shel, Becca, Bonnie, and Vince in mine though.

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