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Trouble with eCheque (Australian PayPal help?)

posted by danielhynes on - last edited - Viewed by 141 users

Hey, I apologise if this is a stupid question, but I looked around paypal and I checked the forums for answers and I got no love.

My problem is that I wanna buy Homestar Ruiner, and I'm not allowed to pay by eCheque. This would be fine if I could figure out how to pay by Instant Transfer... Can anyone help me buy this game please??

Details you might need to know are that I'm in Australia and my paypal account is being funded by a debit card, not credit.

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  • We had eChecks turned on temporarily, but we turned them off because they were confusing people. It takes several days for an eCheck to clear (just like a regular check) and people were writing in upset that they had to wait to get their game...

    PayPal is set up differently in different countries so I can't walk you through the process of setting up instant transfer, but maybe an Australian forum member can help?

  • Daniel, if worst comes to worst, you can use your Debit card (Visa/Mastercard) to buy the game from Telltale directly and not use Paypal. I have a Visa Debit Card and have bought lots of stuff from Telltale without any trouble.

  • Thanks for your attention guys, at least I know I have a fallback option now. I've emailed paypal, and I'll see what they have to say before I try anything else.

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