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Bonus stuff help.

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where the pants and shoes

can you get higher than 211 in TGS

if so how

andwhat are all the trophies, can you get them in extended play

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  • @Sterrance said: Hey I have the car keys, the chocolate bar, and book, where do I get the last one?

    you hafta DIG!

  • @mjdc76 said: I assume you mean Homestar's pants and shoes? Well, he's wearing them. To get them away from him, you'd need to convince him to take them off.

    Subtle hint:
    He's standing in the locker room near the showers. Can you figure out how to convince him to take a shower?
    Hint 2:
    You may notice you can talk to him about taking a shower. However, Homestar is convinced that he does NOT stink, and so doesn't need one.
    Hint 3:
    Have you encountered anything in the course of the game that could make Homestar (or anyone else) stink?
    Final Hint:
    Give Homestar the Onion you get from Marzipan's garden. He'll rub it on himself. Then talk to him about showering. He'll realize he stinks and go take a shower. Now swipe his clothes from his locker.

    Yes. The maximum score is 5,000, which you get for a perfect score.

    You need to kill each girl with her custom kill item, which means you have to have found all 4 cards. Custom kill items:
    * Cheerleader - Megaphone
    * So-And-So - Book
    * What's Her Face - Car keys
    * The Ugly One - Candy Bar
    The custom kills for Cheerleader, So-And-So, and The Ugly One only work at the game. The custom kill on What's Her Face appears to work any time. So kill What's Her Face first, and do NOTHING to kill the other girls until we get to the game. This means using 3 non-lethal items (Perfume, Basketball, and Sunscreen fit the bill, but there are lots of other options).

    Thanks for that TGS guide, my good sir!

  • I have the nuisance trophy and the hedge trophy, what/where are the other 2?

  • Observational trophy for checking everything out I think. Got it just now.

  • Do any unlockables require you to talk with Coach Z in extended play? Whenever I try my console freezes up the second I click on him.

  • If you didn't use the devil Strong Bad option during regular play, then you have to talk to Coach Z in Extended Play to get one of the trophies.

  • I cant get the strong sad trophy and I have made him come out the house three times!
    what do I need to do to get the trophy?

  • you can get 5000 points in tgs keep trying

  • @fiapey said: I cant get the strong sad trophy and I have made him come out the house three times!
    what do I need to do to get the trophy?

    See the "Ultimate Trophy" thread. That's what I did :)

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