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Having A Problem-o with Sam and max season one games.

posted by JAGarr on - last edited - Viewed by 171 users

Hey everyone, i'm in desperate need of help with my Sam And Max season 1 game disc on Windows XP home edition, And I mean DESPERATE HELP!!! at first the game worked pretty okay for about 2 months with good telltale graphics and all, i was playing most of the episodes, i had some problems here and there like constant freezing of the game when transistioning beetween places and occurances in the game, or the game shutting off abruptly on every episode at random times saying either something about "UNABLE TO CREATE AUDIO BUFFER", or "Virtual memory too low, let windows increase the paging files." this went on for the longest time and i just dealt with it, until yesterday, i decided that the game was doing this so much while i was playing abe lincoln must die (it kept going off at the end cinema of sam and max punching the head off the fake/puppet president) that i decided to try everything I could to fix it... it made everything worse :eek: !!! I looked around the forums and decided that the problem was that I needed to update my video card drivers, (if it helps any i have a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU on Windows XP), so i went to the NVIDIA site and updated my driver, i restarted the computer and then came back on, tried Sam And Max and to my suprise, IT FAILED and then got even worse, the sceen was multicolered, you could not see one good picture or even a graphic, you couldn't see words and there was no trace of it being a game at all, in fact it was so bad that it looked like one of those old nintendo cartridges on screen when it messed up horribly and got jumbled with colors, i knew i was in trouble then, so i thought and though and finnally jumped back on the forums, i read some more and then i read something about uninstalling the game and turning off firewall, so i did so, uninstalled the game, turned off firewall, restarted and even truned off the computer, and the game was still in crud quality, i uninstalled and reinstalled constantly, and still- no good graphics, i went back onto the episode abe lincoln must die, it was quite interesting in wierd multicolor, (quite trippy too), it had the basic outline of the characters, sam and max and the listening bug but the characters were in millions of colors... literally, you could get the sound just find, you could see the characters talk into the phone but it was just that the words failed to show up, sam was rainbow color, max was rainbow color, and the bug was black and white, never had this problem before, i hope someone can get me outta this tight spot, thanks guys!

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