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400 Days (Season One DLC) review / discussion thread - SO MANY SPOILERS

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Hey guys, thanks for playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days! This thread is dedicated to all your spoilery review / general discussion goodness. Have at!

No need to tag spoilers here, the whole thread will be full of 'em. Looking for the spoiler-free thread? It's here.

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  • @Sanchiz said: Can we conclude that Nate is bat guano crazy?

    The Wyatt segment doesn't exactly make it clear who instigated the chase. Five stories told over 400 Days in a ridiculously short episode really hurts the choice, and that's the gameplay.

  • @Chalupacabra said: Haven't seen where Season 2 starts yet, so I'm afraid I can't answer that for you. :rolleyes:


    Also, posted this in its own thread, but it really should be here. I couldn't figure out how to delete it. It's my first post on this forum so I knew I'd screw something up.

    Anyway, here ya go:

    400 Days left me sad...

    Don't worry, I'm not going to rag on 400 Days. I didn't enjoy it as much as Season 1, but I see it for what it is: a teaser of things to come.

    I'm sad because, even though he voted to go Vince, hands down my favorite character from 400 Days, did not end up going with the rest of the group. I can only guess this is because Russell, the worthless little turd I wish Nate had killed, threw a temper tantrum and refused to go and Vince, stand up guy that he was, had made a point about not leaving anyone behind.

    I have never replayed any of these episodes because I like the sense of not being calculating with my choices (and not feeling like their outcomes were preset by me), but I am sorely tempted to replay this one just because of that.

    Then again, part of the fun of this game is the often tragic nature of it and the feeling of weight on decisions.

    400 Days forces you to make the biggest choices without much info, no emotion, and no way to expand on that any further.

  • 400 Days was good, no question about it and the idea was great: show some people before they got together. Which begs the question: WHY did they get together? Some might be VERY wary of strangers (Russell comes to mind) so why would ´they (Russell) trust anyone? Bonnie struck me as quite needy and ready to hook up with anything that wasn't dead, but the others?

    As so many said, the episodes in 400 Days are way too short. It took me some time to get into it, since there were a lot of stuff I the player couldn't know anything about, but the characters apparently did. Like, why did Bonnie, Dee and Leland actually run from the people with the flashlights? Just because Dee said so? I know who they were (hi Roman, you psychopathic POS!), but that didn't occur to me until I played Shel, which was the last one.

    There was a lot missing from this, but considering I got it free, I can't complain.

    Just one question though: Is it really possible to get everyone to come with you? It seems like no matter what I do, either Russell or Vince stays behind?

  • [quote=ben paul;851788]so, how's life?[/quote]

    im amazing at rps

  • @Big Eddie said: im amazing at rps

    I faced you at RPS 27 times, and only won once.

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