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The Whatever's on Your Mind Megathread (Update: May 2 - Read the main post)

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Here, you can make small talk with other Telltale Community Members or just share your thoughts about Whatever's On Your Mind.

If you just want to kick back and get to know other community members better, than this thread is the place to do so. You can make small talk, post interesting links, mess around, share stories, ask for advice and share your opinions, or do whatever else you like.

Funny Pictures/memes/gifs/videos/etc in normal amounts are OK, but if you only want to post or look at funny things, we have another thread for that!

If you post a really tall picture or have a lot of pictures/gifs in one post, please spoiler tag it so people can scroll past it easier.

Update: May 2, 2015

Hey guys, I'm going update the rules of this thread again to be a little more specific. If you are going to post a new comment here that only has a funny picture/gif/meme/Twitter or Facebook picture/etc, post it in Whatever Makes You Laugh instead.

Posting a funny picture/gif/meme/etc as a response to somebody else's comment is OK, but otherwise if you want to make a new comment that only has a funny picture/gif/meme/Twitter or Facebook picture/etc, post it in Whatever Makes You Laugh. The reason for this is I want the thread to be more mobile friendly and I'm also trying to make this thread focus more on discussions and less on memes - we already have a thread for memes and funny stuff.

Otherwise, using pictures is fine. As before, just use them in moderation. New posts that only have a funny picture should be saved for Whatever Makes You Laugh.

  • Whatever's On Your Mind - Same thing as always; small talk, silliness, etc. We'd like to ask that you use pictures/videos/etc in normal, moderate amounts
  • NEW - Whatever Makes You Laugh - New thread; share and look at funny pictures/memes/gifs/videos/comics/etc from across the web to your heart's content.

Want to share funny pictures, videos, or gifs that make you laugh?

Check out the Whatever Makes You Laugh Megathread!

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