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alowing print screen

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I hope this game will allow the print screen function to work. I got a lot of wallpaper thoughts in my mind...

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  • If it doesn't work, just take a picture of your monitor with a photo camera. Success guaranteed!

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    I also wanted to make sure before I buy...

    Can I use my CD as a hanging ornament?

    Please let me know ASAP.


  • [quote]Can I use my CD as a hanging ornament?[/quote]
    Most CDs have a conveniently located hole, roughly in the middle. You can put a ribbon through that, and hang it from the ceiling, on the wall, or even on your car's rear view mirror! It is not advised to drill a hole into the CD however, due to extremely toxic fumes being released when the carefully balanced mixture of chemicals at the surface of the CD is abruptly disturbed.

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    Hmm, thanks. I was just about to use a drill.

    Question: what colour will the CD BOX be, because I want to place it next to my PC, which is mostly black. I was hoping the case could be mostly black too, to compliment my PC.

  • You're in luck - the CD case will be black as well. For the most powerful effect on your (no doubt impeccably tasteful) interior, remove the paper from the CD case, which will without doubt not be entirely black. You can then proceed to put said piece of paper in a decorative frame (with black border, naturellement) and hang it on your wall, next to the decorative hanging ornament you made out of your CD.

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    Very nice, very nice. You see, I TOO have lots of wallpaper ideas in mind, and not just the PRINT SCREEN kind. No sir - I intend to take aforementioned piece of paper to the print shop down my road, where the old works - the one who always drops her false teeth on the ground and then blames the dog for farting. Yes, the very same. I plan to take said piece of paper to her, and request she create A0 pieces of wallpaper resembling said piece of paper.

    I then want to ask you, good man: can I put this wallpaper around my house, or more specifically; around my dog's kennel? I want an answer from you please, because as it seems you were able to answer all my pressing previous questions.

    Please answer me this: Can I INDEED use that wrapping paper that I printed as reference to black piece of paper referred to earlier - can I use that around my house, and around my dog's kennel?

  • Yes. But you may want to take them down again if you notice that either you, or your dog, start to foam at the mouth. You see, the psychedelic effect of such an onslaught of pieces of paper could trigger epileptic seizures. If you are still alive after three days since applying the pieces of paper, there is no considerable danger.

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    Okay, cool, thanks.

    I feel much better about getting the season disc now. Phew. I was starting to panic.

  • Print Screen works, or you could use Fraps, which is a shareware program.

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