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question about the episodes

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hello guys im new here.

i was wondering if someone could give me some tips about the game.i dont know if this question is asked before but here it is.

is it possible to play all 5 episodes as one??? i mean everytime when you finish an apisode you have to quit the game to go back to windows to click on another episode to keep on playing. i wish i could play the game as a whole game. is anyone else thinking the same thing?

thanks in advance!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    is it possible to play all 5 episodes as one

    No, unfortunately. :( The only way to play another episode of Back to the Future: The Game is to quit your current episode and start a new one. Each episode is launched from its own individual Windows executable, and because of this (and other factors), Telltale staff have said in the past that it would be difficult to implement a continuous play feature to their games that released episodically.

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