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Kenny's Endgame?

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 3.2K users

Yup, another Kenny thread. But bear with me.

We've been going back and forth about how Kenny's role in S2 (if Telltale decided to bring him back) could possibly be justified, considering his poignant final scene in S1. Just last night I was watching Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS. During the third act, Tom Cruise and his daughter are holed up in the basement of a house with an insane Tim Robbins. What if a similar approach was taken with Clementine and Kenny?

Maybe in the third or fourth episode of S2, Clem encounters Kenny again, this time in even worse shape than we last saw him. He could be shacked away in some rundown cabin, or better yet, living alone on a rickety old boat out on the water. Throughout the entirety of the episode, it would literally be just you and Kenny. Imagine the last ten minutes of NO TIME LEFT stretched out into a full hour. The atmospheric potential could be through the roof.

Now, the episode could flow in one of two ways, both of which would depend on your relationship with Lee in S1. If Lee and Kenny were on the best of terms, the interaction between Clem and Kenny would take on a more melancholic, wistful tone, occasionally interrupted by a walker attack. If Kenny was your worst enemy, Kenny would be more deranged, and a legitimate threat to Clem's life...more in line with the sequence I mentioned from WAR OF THE WORLDS. The story would then become a more claustrophobic tale, with a little girl attempting to escape from a man she once knew who's now become something less than an animal.

But one way or another, the episode would conclude with Kenny finally dying for good. How Kenny dies would be the ultimate culmination of all the choices and actions the player had wrought upon Kenny's character throughout S1.

(I should mention this scenario could also be applied to Lily for all those fans out there who absolutely despise Kenny, although Lily vanished in episode 3 and wasn't quite as pivotal for the entire run of S1.)

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