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Suggestions on how to improve the forums

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 21.7K users

I made this thread so people can discuss how the fourms can be improved so i'll start off.

I think the classics part of the thread should be back in the main menu of the fourms with all the rest of the forums topics because since they are in the classics hardly anyone ever replys anymore to them.

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  • Well I really don't like this new layout of the forums. It had a nice section for each game and General Chat at the top. Now TWAU forums and TWD forums take up almost the entire thing and General Chat is reduced to a tiny space at the very bottom. Why would TWD and TWAU forums need that much space?

  • We desperately need an ignore feature. Lets say these is someone in this community who bugs us, alot. Borderline harassment. Mods don't do anything. I'd at least like the luxury of ignoring their posts. I'm sure the same can be said vice verse. It's a needed feature so we don't have to read their posts.

    Perhaps their posts can be hidden. It's simple. When you select to ignore someone, it hides their posts. Kinda like how spoilers does but against a certain person. Also while I'm at it, the thumbs down feature is not required. Replaced with a "LOL" feature. All the thumbs down, does is enforce negatively. Which may be the reason, facebook never added in it.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I would like for "spoiler" Comments to display a number of how many messages are layered below, count both the number of "new" messages and the number of messages overall.

  • So how goes those improvements, web team?

  • Spoiler crackdown in The Walking Dead section. Not sure if it is an issue in the forums for other games, but it is getting ridiculous over there. Spoilers in topic titles, when it would be simple to word it differently or put it in the actual section for spoilers-which could stand to be renamed,-and the spoiler tags are barely used. These people violate the rules, often on purpose, yet receive no punishment. Instead, people are simply told to not come here until they've beaten the game, which is ridiculous. Besides, spoilers posted in the General section are viewable even from the main part of the boards, ruining the series even for people who don't visit the section.

    Also, is it possible to change the format of this forum? I'm browsing through the older topics, but changing the page doesn't effect the site itself. Like, if I'm on page 30 and click on a topic and then click "Back" after reading it, the forums will be reset to the first page. This happens when you refresh in any way, and it's irritating, since it forces you to open these threads in new tabs or windows, and even then, I keep accidentally clicking the thread somehow.

  • Sorry for the double post, but it would also be nice to be able to delete messages from my Feed. It's getting cluttered, and since it is the only way to know if someone has sent you a PM, they are often pushed down, resulting in them being overlooked. Also, it's annoying, since people have been responding to my posts or sending me PMs with spoilers and or insults. I can report these people, but can't get rid of these messages.

  • Another thing is that when you load a forum section, threads with new posts in them are bolded, but you don't get links to the new posts until the next time you load the page. That means you either have to go to the first page of one of these threads (but then you have to click "Scroll to next new comment" to see the first unread post) or just reload the page again, which seems a bit redundant.

  • They should make a feature for the forum that contains spoilers that you visit regularly doesn't require you to click the "this may contain spoilers" button.

  • Your wording is really unclear. If you're talking about the actual spoiler sections, then you don't have to use that feature. The bigger issue is people spoiling things in topic titles on the main pages. I'm a little concerned that no staff members are responding to this topic.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    @TheDuck wrote:

    The bigger issue is people spoiling things in topic titles on the main pages.

    That was like that even for season one of The Walking Dead in the old forums. Even with the spoiler forum, people would still post spoilers in thread titles in the main forum and those spoilers in the topics would show up on the main page of the forum. The moderators had to manually go in and change the topic title to prevent that, like we do now. That's the only way that it can be done, since it's not possible to get the forum to detect spoilers in thread titles. And it's not possible to get everyone to stop posting spoilers in the topic titles, because they still do so even when told by the moderators not to do so (like was done last season).

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