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A couple questions about Episode 2...

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This is mostly for the Telltale staff, but if there's information that I've missed elsewhere, feel free to point me to it.

First, are we going to get a second preview video for this episode (before it comes out)? I remember there were two for Episode 1, but that could have just been because it was the first episode and so was more important to get people interested in.

Second, I assume there won't be another "get your name in the game" contest for this episode, since it's most likely finished/nearly finished at this point? I guess that's not really a question, but whatever.

I don't really expect an answer on this one, but any word on approximate release date? Like, can we expect it about a month after Episode 1 came out, or could it be closer to the end of September? I fully expect a "You'll know when we know", but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. :)

Also, this is more just curiosity, but why is Episode 2 rated E10+ when Episode 1 was T? The only thing I can think of in Ep. 1 that could be the reason was Homestar naked, but it's not like there was anything graphic about that. I had figured it was something with the general humor so they would all be T, but I guess not.

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