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All Clothing Items

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Okay so here is where you can see what clothes your missing or help other people find them, please tell me what is left o put on the list and how to get it thank you.

In no practicular order:

Black Knit Cap: check Strong bad's mailbox.

Homestarrunner head: Use the shears with the homestar statue and take the head.

Homestarrunner pants: Make homestar take a shower and steal his pants from his locker

Moustache: The the microphone after doing the race at least once

Buisness shirt: I forgot

Polo sirt: I forgot

Dageresque Glasses: I forgot

Blue pants: I forgot

Girl Wig: there at the beggining

socks: I think they are there at the beginning

belt: score 5000 on TGS i think or maybe just get all the cards I forgot

bonus T-shirt: run off the edge of the photo booth twice with no extra costume on and walk over to where the door is.

Okay so fillin the blanks and tell me what I'm missing and how to get it.

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