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Question about the GOTY Edition

posted by FreddeN93 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users

I own the Season Pass on Steam including the 400 Days DLC. Now that the GOTY Edition is about to get released, is there a way to get my hands on the extra content without having to re-buy the entire game?

  • I would like to know the same. Maybe @Puzzlebox would be so kind to tell us. I own the whole season 1, Ps3 retail edition + 400 days DLC but I really want the extra content especially making ofs / OST.

  • Agreed.Would that be possible?I know it has just been released,but the fact is,I already payed for the game. :P Soundtrack cough cough...

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I'd LOVE to put my hands on the soundtrack (even though it can be found everywhere), and the making of material or whatever it was. But I am not going to re-purchase it only because of that.

  • Just picked up the GOTY edition at Gamestop. I thought that the OST and the "behind the scenes" video would be downloadable to my PS3. Instead, you get a voucher which re-directs you to a website that lets you download the OST and the video. I'd be cool to share the website.

    I'm just wondering if it's allowed...

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Okay, I cried when the making of video got to Episode Five...

  • Now, I'm not saying that you can totally find the making-of video on Youtube by simply typing in "The Making of The Walking Dead" into the Youtube search bar and sorting the results by upload date...but you can totally do that.

    Or you can search for leaks of the link itself which will likely be posted just about everywhere in the next few days.

    Honestly, if Telltale really did want to keep this bonus content in any way "exclusive," they did a piss-poor job of that. You don't even have to rip it from the disc but can instead just download it from the site and then upload it directly to Youtube. More than anything, it just seems to be a way to get people to visit this site and sign up...

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      And they did a horrible job with the soundtrack. The names are mixed, and some tracks are mixed with other tracks making it one track...

      • Really? That's disappointing. Although since it is a simple download, they can just fix that at any time.

        God, I really hope people who already have the game didn't buy this new GOTY edition just for "access to the series' original score and exclusive behind the scenes video" or they are going to be sorely disappointed when they find out that anyone can access the bonus content as long as they have the link.

        Is there even any improvement in the stuttering and framerate from the original disc versions?

  • Okay I will be honest this is extremely nickpicky, but I have heard this soundtrack since last year due to Youtube, so I know what it sounds like, and they mixed all the Clem songs into one, you know, Alive Inside, the Alternate version, the song that plays at the end during the, well you know, sad part, and mixed it into one, I swear Bandit Attack and It's Over sound a bit different, they misspelled Lilly's name as Lily, there is a song named Barn Dance, the part in the meat locker, and this is really nitpicky, they do not have Take Us Back, which I know it's licensed in all but still, so yeah for irony sakes one of the songs is call Goodnight Irene, there was a song of the same name in Bioshock Infinite, my other favorite game of all time, so lol there, again this is not complaining, I am extremely happy to have it, hell I am not complaining that it took ten months to get this, I am just saying there are a few faults with it, that is all.

    • You do have to recall how anticipated the release of the episode 5 trailer song was a few months ago. Vague answers were given, and it's finally been released in this OST. That alone makes me not hate getting the GOTY edition. Songs are not looped, and they are played to the end. Of course, many fans have already ripped the soundtrack and made short versions of tracks online, but this OST has all the full trailer songs.

      I'm not saying it's perfect, though. Including every single track in the game on the OST would be a real pain. It's just the stuff that wasn't released before.

      Eh, I'm cool with purchasing it. I got the OST and another "secret" Playing Dead episode that Dave had teased a month back. Not to mention the nice cover art.

  • Also forgot, it does not include any 400 Days songs, sorry about forgetting that part.

  • Well,in case of anyone wondering.

    MOD EDIT - Video removed

    There. And mods,if you wish so edit this out,even though there is no reason for that,the soundtrack if available in public.Its the same if people listen to it through YouTube of they take a look at my post.

    • What, pray tell, is the point of me specifically requesting that people DO NOT POST LINKS TO THE EXTRA MATERIAL if people do it anyway?

      It doesn't matter if it's freely available on YouTube or whatever, I asked people not to share it until I heard back from the Telltale team. Even if you say I can edit your post, the fact remains you disobeyed a direct request from a forum moderator.

      I'm seriously tempted to just lock the thread and suspend you for a day or two. I won't, but dammit, I am NOT happy you did that.


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    Butt-head BANNED

    Goty edition? Is this like the goat editions from yt with goats singing popular songs? I'm not sure I'd like to hear goat yelling "take us back".

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