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    I did not make that connection. That's pretty interesting.

  • I think it had more to do with Grendel calling snow a bitch than the actual word itself, since bigby has a thing for her.

  • Actually for Woody it's the second/third time he says it, and for Grendel it is almost immediate fighting. Basically Bigby loves Snow, and we should all know that. Add the fact Bigby is a wolf and you have the complete story.

  • if and he chucked him out of the window for saying bitch i think it was the 4th time he said it and he chucked him out the window for his troubles and the 5th time he put an axe into his head

    • Yeah I noticed that too. The Woodsman got away with using the ol' B-word a few times, although (at least in my experience) Bigby eventually warned him not to say it again. When he failed to listen, Bigby took the dispute...um...outside the building.

      Maybe Grendel didn't get the same leeway because he was calling Snow (whom Bigby personally knows and cares for) a bitch.

  • I actually thought about this. bitch = female dog. Bigby = wolf = dog family. I was wondering if that was the real reason the b word pissed him off since I played as an ass#ole my first play through.

    • Exactly. The word literally means female dog. And Bigby's own mother fits that description. Unfortunately for him, the term 'bitch' also has a very negative connotation in human society. To hear people constantly call other people 'female dogs' in a cruel, disparaging manner must get on his nerves. For Bigby, the b-word sort of seems like a racial slur. At least, that's what I thought....maybe I'm reading too much into this.

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    Ha! Oh yeah.. for faith.. How the woodsman called her that.. I was always wondering.. happened before? I don't remember someone calling snow that?? Or that it didn't end well.. But he was referring to faith, well.. Lol. Makes sense now :) Cheers!

  • Bigby is protective of most female characters in his life.

    • This statement is not true. Remember that Bigby ate Little Red Riding Hood. I bet we'll know more about his past in episode 4. Once upon a time, there was a wolf, who ruled the land, he was much feared, but soon mended his ways, and all were happy. Or you could read 1001 Nights of Snowfall and The Wolf in the Fold. The only females close to his life are Snow White and his mom, Winter. THE END. He's kind because of Snow White, Bigby met Faith the same time he met Snow.

      • I'll revise my earlier statement, he's very protective of the female characters in his life that are kind to him, especially after the exodus. I hate to sound like a sanctimonious ass, but if you had even read the comics you'd know I'm right and unless they're ignoring canon in this series Snow White isn't really dead.

      • Even though he ate little red riding hood, it was a loooooooong time ago, and he may be defensive of women because he regrets what he did. Just my thoughts on it.

  • Glad to see someone else had the same thought about his dislike of the B* word. He is offended at its usage in general (tells Woody "What'd I tell you about that word?" in one the dialogue options at the start of the game), not just when its about Snow. Calling *Snow *one, the way Gren did,is just that much worse.

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