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Adventure to the Pictures

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I, (in my so far short life,) have never seen a adventure game turned into a Movie. But, I think that it would be a great idea. I imagine that Adventure games would transfer well into movies, due to there great story lines. For example, a full 3D computer animation, (like what pixar and dreamworks have been doing,) version of Grim Fandango. Another game that I think would make a good movie is Indiana jones and the Fate of Atlantas, but it is a bit late for Harrision Ford to pick up the old Indi hat and jump back on a Lucas film set.

I think it is also worth a note that Pixar was originaly the computer animation division of Lucasfilm untill in 1986 when it was bought by Steve Jobs, (Macintosh's co-founder,) for a pretty penny.

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    I think Grim Fandango and Full Throttle both would make excellent movies...a lot of the "epic" feel and the like is already there (and, in some cases, so is the cinematography). The plots (in terms of working around puzzles) wouldn't even need that much updating and reworking, either, in the hands of the right screenwriter.

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    I've got this winning formula. It took me about 2 hours to come up with it, but I am proud to present the....
    Idiots guide to turning David Hasselhoff into a Bernard for the Manic Mansion Movie

    Okay, let's begin. We are going to make the following assumptions...
    1. Benard is a stereo-typical nerd.
    2.David Hasselhoff can act, (yeah, yeah, I know...)
    3.The movie has a blockbuster budget to spend on David Hasselhoff's "re-education".

    Now, we all no what makes a stereo-typical nerd. Heres a short list.

    Greesy skin
    No muscles

    Heres what makes a David Hasselhoff...

    Clear skin
    20/20 vision
    Chest Hair.

    Hmmmm, we have some work ahead of us. I've taken that to form a basic equation for turning Bernard into Hasselhoff.


    Ahhh, yeah. I'm sorry you had too see that. We have to reverse the process to find the Benard inside Hasselhoff.

    Stage 1: We beat him half to death every day, with a 2 and a 1/2 ton dictionary while he is forced into a part time job at a take away store and he sits down for twelve hours of his spare time a day into learning programing. This is for the first 1-3 weeks of the programs.

    Stage 2: He starts spending 1 hour a day in a vat of chicken grease and is forced to listen to classical music until the rock side of him is worn out. He also starts wearing dorky clothes and training glasses.

    Stage 3: Give him a script for the movie and shove him in a closet with brendon.
    When he emerges you will have your Bernard.

  • I think that making a Maniac Mansion movie would be infinitely different than making a DOTT one. Maniac Mansion was like a horror/scifi movie parady. The movie would best be life action and even a bit thrilling (but more comedic). DOTT, on the ther hand, is like a Saturday morning cartoon, and should be presented as such. It's a much more zany, fantastic approach in terms of style.

    As for the Indy4 movie, Harrison Ford was in fact set to play Indy as the main character. They were just going to set it in the 60s or something to make it work. I was more optimistic than some people about the aging Ford playing the action hero again (as Ford himself said in an interview, it's appropriate that Indy "get old" like any other human human being - he is, after all, known as being the action guy who actually gets cut, hurt, bruised, etc. In other words, Indy isn't the immortal, supernatural, invincible type of action hero.). Of course, considering the way the movie has been delayed countless times, I'm not so sure it'll even get made (they say filming will happen this summer, but they said that last year as well. There's a new writer working on Darabont's discarded script which took well over a year to write and which Spielberg allegedly loved, and Lucas has made it clear that the movie will not get made unless the script is exactly as he wants it, plus the film is apparently on neither Lucas' or Spielberg's "must make" lists). The fate of Indy4 is still very uncertain, and if you ask me if the script isn't ready in a couple months and the movie doesn't start filming this summer, the project is over.

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    If you want to know something about movies, visit

    There I found the available information about Indy 4:
    And everything that already was realized with Maniac Mansion
    IMDB/Maniac Mansion [TV-Series 1990-1993]
    and IMDB/La Mansion de la niebla (Spain/Italy, 1972), which doesn't seem to have anything to do with Maniac Manion but the english title. But if you watch the cast, you can see a couple with the names Fred and Elsa. That's something, huh?
    /Edit: F*ck... just realized that the woman in MM was called Edna... ok, never mind this and the last 2 lines...^^)

    With the difference between a movie about DOTT and one for MM, I agree with Udvanoky. I would hate to watch DOTT with real actors, but Maniac Mansion could be really interesting as a Movie of that type...

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    Carefull, that site gives away too much. It's forced me to do something I've never wanted to do. 8-|
    Yes, I've started using smilies. Muahahaha!!!!

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    [quote]Carefull, that site gives away too much. It's forced me to do something I've never wanted to do. 8-|
    Yes, I've started using smilies. Muahahaha!!!![/quote]

    You mean, IMDB in general made you use smilies, or just what's there about Maniac Mansion? :-/ (<-- smilie)

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    It was what they had on Manic Mansion, and by the looks of things, it seems they haven't casted David Hasselhoff a Bernard. Well, not yet anyway.

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    a animated MI or DOTT movie would be great

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    What about Sam and Max?

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    I couldn't see it in full 3-D the way it could be in 2-D animation. So why not in 2-D animation,with the original voice actors and everything.

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