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Adventure to the Pictures

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I, (in my so far short life,) have never seen a adventure game turned into a Movie. But, I think that it would be a great idea. I imagine that Adventure games would transfer well into movies, due to there great story lines. For example, a full 3D computer animation, (like what pixar and dreamworks have been doing,) version of Grim Fandango. Another game that I think would make a good movie is Indiana jones and the Fate of Atlantas, but it is a bit late for Harrision Ford to pick up the old Indi hat and jump back on a Lucas film set.

I think it is also worth a note that Pixar was originaly the computer animation division of Lucasfilm untill in 1986 when it was bought by Steve Jobs, (Macintosh's co-founder,) for a pretty penny.

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