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Fox Bunny Funny

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 141 users

Spoilers ahead if you haven't read Fox Bunny Funny!


I just got round to finishing this book today, and it was superb! I do have a few questions about the plot though, as I'm not sure I understand it completely.

[*]When the little fox buys the rabbit meat from the butcher near the start, why does he hide it from the cashier? How would she know he is going to dress up in it?
[*]Why does the little fox eat the bunnies when he gets caught dancing with them in church? Perhaps peer pressure from his friends, but even so...
[*]The fox in the last part of the book (who chases the bunny) is the little fox's Dad, right?
[*]When the fox faints, why do the bunnies take him to an operating studio and turn him into a bunny? I thought he had entered a 'world' where the fox and bunny were equal.
[*]Is the fox happy or sad to be turned into a bunny? At first I thought he looked upset, but then I thought it could be tears of joy. Perhaps we're not meant to know!
But like I said, apart from these questions I enjoyed the book and would welcome more of Andy's books to the Telltale store (or perhaps not, I can hear my wallet moaning).

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    aHartzell Telltale Staff

    I'm glad you liked my book, Guybrush! It's always interesting to hear what people make of the story. Because it's wordless, it gets interpreted in all kinds of ways. People relate it to their own experiences and worldview and come out with diametrically different views--which is fine with me.

    There are a couple of places where you got a bit turned around, though. The main character already has the rabbit costume with him (in the bag) in the first frames of the story--he doesn't acquire it at the butcher shop. Remember--he takes the meat in to his mother, but he leaves the bag behind in the bushes, to retrieve later. Also, the grown-up character in the final part of the book is the same character, some years later. The pictures on the mantle (beginning of part three) show this transition. Most people pick up on this, but you aren't the first to wonder if it's a different character.

    Now for the tough questions. Why does our hero turn on the bunnies at the end of part two? Is it peer pressure? Conditioning? His fox nature asserting itself in a stressful situation? And what about that transformation at the end? Is it a happy ending for our hero, or something else? those are questions you've got to puzzle out for yourself.

  • Thanks for taking the time out to reply Andy. Now that you've explained the butcher situation it makes much more sense. I should have been paying more attention, I did think it was a bit strange that he was buying meat and then dressing up in it. :o In regards to the pictures on the mantle, I just thought that it was the Dad looking at his son's achievements and feeling proud, but again it's much more obvious now that you point it out.

    I'm personally not too fond of how the 'hero' in your book turned out, I must say (I'm definitely not suggesting you should have done it differently, though). Although it may be considered normal in that society for the fox to eat the bunny, he was trying to go against that and see what was right for him, but got dragged into what everyone else thought and ended up mindlessly hunting bunnies. I personally think that it is a sad ending because he could have made his own decisions and followed his own instincts - being kind to bunnies - when he was a fox, rather than having to be changed into one of them.

    Once again, thanks for the message. It's really neat for the person who made a book to actually respond to a fan's comments and questions.
    I still don't understand why he was changed into a bunny though. :D

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