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The Walking Dead Unofficial FAQ (Please Read Before Posting)

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The Walking Dead Unofficial FAQ (last updated July 19, 2014)

All information in this FAQ is compiled by community moderators Jennifer and Vainamoinen. We check our facts thoroughly and have a lot of Telltale experience on our backs, but this is not an 'official' source, we're just volunteers!

Season Two FAQ

(1) What is The Walking Dead: Season Two?
The Walking Dead: Season Two is a full fledged sequel, and doesn't require the first season of The Walking Dead to play. Like the original game, it is an episodic game based on moral choices that is set in the universe of Robert Kirkman's comic book series, The Walking Dead. It takes place many months after the events of No Time Left and features Clementine (the young girl Lee Everett took under his care in the first season) as the playable character.

(2) Is Robert Kirkman involved with the game?
According to his 2014 Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, Robert Kirkman was more involved in the first season, as he personally approved the story of season one. For Season Two, he is less involved, but he still is there to make sure the characters and story stay true to the greater universe of The Walking Dead.

(3) When will season two be released?
Episode 1 "All That Remains" - PC/Mac and PSN North America: December 17th, 2013; Xbox / PSN EU / iOS: December 18th, Vita: April 22nd, 2014 North America, April 23rd EU; Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV: May 10th; Android: June 25th. Season Two will also be coming to Ouya, but a release date has not yet been set. Season Two will also be released on disc for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after the season has finished.
Episode 2 "A House Divided" - PC/Mac and PSN North America: March 4, 2014; Xbox / iOS; March 5th; PSN EU: March 12th; Vita: April 22nd North America, April 23rd EU; Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV: May 10th, Android June 25th.
Episode 3 "In Harm's Way" - PC/Mac and PSN North America: May 13, 2014; Xbox / PSN EU: May 14th; iOS: May 15th. Vita: June 3rd NA, June 4th EU; Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV: June 5th, Android: June 25th.
Episode 4 "Amid The Ruins" - PC/Mac and PSN/Vita North America: July 22, 2014; Xbox / PSN/Vita EU: July 23rd; iOS: July 24th
Episode 5 "No Going Back" - NO INFO YET

Note that the second episode of the season came out at a slightly later time frame than usual. This is standard procedure for Telltale's seasons. The reason they do this is to incorporate fan and critic feedback into the game, based on reactions from the first episode in order to make the game better fit the desires of fans. They had a longer than usual release schedule between episode one and two for these reasons for Back to the Future: The Game, The Walking Dead: Season One, and The Wolf Among Us (and have done so all the way back to their first episodic release, Bone). Now, it is happening again with The Walking Dead: Season Two. The good news is that once the tweaks have been made, the remaining episodes will come out at a quicker rate.

(4) For which platforms will season two be available?
Season 2 is available for PC/Mac, PS 3 via PSN, Xbox 360 via XBL, iOS, and PS Vita, Kindle Fire (HD or HDX devices, 2nd generation and up), Amazon Fire TV, and Android. An Ouya version is confirmed as well, but it will not be available immediately at launch. It will also be released on disc for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after the season has finished, as well as on disc for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

(5) Why is it taking so long to release season two?
Even though Telltale is still using their in-house engine, it still takes a long time to create a game. They have to spend time creating the overarching storyline and the game design documents (how each game play situation will be handled) for the season. Plus, they still have to create new art assets. The new locations need to be designed, if there are any new characters, they also have to be designed. Even the returning characters have to have new animations made (and of course, new characters need animations as well). Additionally, the music has to be scored, any new sound effects have to be recorded, and the voice actors have to record their lines (additionally, if there are any new characters, new actors have to be cast in these roles). Plus, the game scripts that power the game and direct each situation in each episode has to be programmed. Additionally, the Telltale Tool (Telltale's in-house engine) is also traditionally incrementally improved with each release, so source code has to be created for the new changes. On top of that, the existing art assets have to be tweaked if there are any visual changes that come with the new engine code.

(6) Will the decisions I made in season one and 400 Days carry over to season two?
Yes. Season Two can use the save files from Season One and 400 Days to have your decisions carry over to the new season, and it will prompt you to do so when you launch a new game in Season Two, at which point it will automatically scan for an S1/400 Days save file.

In order for this to work, you'll need to have your save-games on your PC/console, so if your S1 save game is on The Cloud, you'll need to transfer it back to your console for S2 to be able to read it.

(7) How much does season two cost?
The usual Telltale Season price: $5 for one episode and a season pass option comprising all five episodes for $25. The price might vary per platform. On some platforms (like the PC), you can't buy the episodes individually and will have to buy the entire season at once.

(8) I'm new to Telltale. How do "Episodic" games work?
With a bit of patience, they do work. You can expect to receive a new episode roughly every one to two months. The way this works is each individual episode contains an individual part of a story that is held together through a narrative that connects all of the episodes together into what Telltale calls a season. Think along the lines of a serialized television series such as Lost.

The reason it takes a month or two to release the episodes is because Telltale's games really are created episodically, as they develop their games as they're making them, rather than finishing them ahead of time and then holding onto them until release (Telltale keeps working on the episodes right up until release day in the case of the computer versions). This has the added benefit of allowing them to improve game play or include topics in the storyline based on gamer and critic feedback (such tweaks to the action parts of The Walking Dead in later episodes, or the battery joke in episode 2 of The Walking Dead, or the joke about the length of Bone: Out from Boneville in Bone: The Great Cow Race).

(9) How many episodes will there be in season two?
Five episodes have been announced for Season 2, just like for Season 1. Their titles have been revealed to be: All That Remains, A House Divided, In Harm's Way, Amid The Ruins, and No Going Back.

(10) When will the rest of the season two episodes be released?
The remaining season two release dates are NOT OUT YET!!

(11) Why doesn't Telltale give more specific updates about when upcoming episodes will be released?
Telltale's early days of open transparency are just not possible anymore. Before they only released games on their online store and GameTap, and had much lower profile licenses. Now that they are working with large corporations such as Warner Bros (which owns Vertigo, which is an imprint of DC Comics) for Fables, and with big name licenses like The Walking Dead, and have to deal with distribution deals with large console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft, they can't announce release dates until very close to release. This is because the distribution partners are the ones who set the release dates on their platforms, and they only set aside release for a few games per week, and only release them on certain days). As Telltale's PR person Laura Perusco has said:

"Bear in mind that we're usually only able to announce release dates really close to an episode's actual release - think back to The Walking Dead: Season Two premiere, where we could only announce dates the DAY BEFORE the ep came out.

A lot of times this has to do with coordinating releases across multiple platform partners like with our friends at Valve/Steam, Sony, Microsoft, or Apple. As with all of our episodes, we always try make sure the content lands across all platforms as close together as possible so that all fans can join in the discussion at around the same time."

That's the reason that they can only give release dates when they have them, and can only give vague statements such as that they're still working on the game when they don't have them. They do give weekly updates that they are still working on the game, so they do their best letting people know that game development is progessing. Specific updates on release dates are just not possible until the moment Telltale gets them from their distribution partners. Telltale has always been a company that's appreciative of their fans (putting fan feedback into releases, allowing fans to post videos of their games without restriction (even going so far as to allow complete playthroughs of their episodes without commentary), etc). If they could give release dates sooner, they definitely would.

(12) Will the different platforms for season two release simultaneously?
Almost. Telltale has come a long way since 2009, when the PC and console releases of their episodes were months apart. With the first season of 'The Walking Dead', most platforms released within days of each other, and even these small lags were only due to the different release schedules of XBLA and PSN NA. However, PSN Europe always lagged a bit more. It is to be expected that these lags will also be apparent and unavoidable during the season two release. Be prepared!

Lastly, these close release windows only refer to the platforms that have been announced in the initial announcement (here: PC/Mac, PSN, and XBLA). If any other platforms are announced at a later date, the episodes for these platforms naturally release on a different schedule!

(13) Are there concrete release dates for the season two episodes?
Absolutely not!! While Telltale doesn't start each new episode 'from scratch', large parts of the development cycle still take place during these release months. From writing to animation to voice acting to possible gamer input from the forums, it all comes together to form a new episode only weeks and days before release; and eventually, another time frame insecurity is added when console manufacturers receive the final build of the episodes for their quality assurance process.

As a consequence, fixed dates will only be announced mere days before an episode releases (in Telltale's blog, on their twitter, Facebook page, or possibly through official press releases or interviews with Telltale staff on large gaming sites such as IGN or Game Informer). Don't ever believe dates given by various unofficial sites, including placeholder dates on large gaming sites such as IGN or Game Informer (unless they were accompanied by an official statement or press release from a Telltale staff member)! These are nothing but estimates, placeholder dates and possibly wishful thinking.

(14) For which languages will season two be available?
Only English is certain at first (as that is the original language as written by the Telltale writing staff). There is no word on what languages season two will be translated to or when they will be available, but historically Telltale has released their translations towards the end of the season.

(15) Will there be a bonus/free collector's DVD version for season two available from the Telltale store?
Yes, indeed. If you order from the Telltale Store, you get a Season Collector's DVD with the game and some extras mailed to you for the cost of postage & packaging - a little while after the Season is finished. You're only eligible to get this DVD if you order from the Telltale Store (or from an outlet that has a code that redeems on the Telltale Store)!

400 Days FAQ

(1) What is 400 Days?
400 Days is downloadable content for the first season of The Walking Dead. It is one episode that takes place during the first 400 days of the zombie outbreak and follows five different protagonists with five overlapping stories, telling how each one coped during the outbreak.

(2) How much does 400 Days cost?
It costs $5 on each platform, and is purchased from within season one of The Walking Dead. People who purchased season one of The Walking Dead for PC and Mac from Telltale's store receive 400 Days free of charge as thanks from ordering directly from Telltale's website (this only applies to the PC and Mac version at Telltale's store. Steam users will have to purchase 400 Days separately). The PlayStation Vita bundle includes all of season one and 400 days in one package. The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 also includes 400 Days as part of the package.

(3) Do the decisions I made in season one carry over to 400 Days?
Yes. Although it follows five different characters from those seen in season one, some of the choices you made in season one will still be reflected in the storyline of 400 Days.

Season One FAQ

(1) What is The Walking Dead: Season One?
The Walking Dead: Season One (also known simply as The Walking Dead and as The Walking Dead: The Game on the iOS store) is an episodic game based on moral choices. It is set in the Robert Kirkman's comic universe of The Walking Dead, and takes place during the start of the undead outbreak. It features a new set of characters than those from the comics (although some comic characters appear briefly). The player character is a convicted murderer named Lee Everett.

(2) How many episodes are there in season one?
There are five episodes: A New Day, Starved for Help, Long Road Ahead, Around Every Corner, and No Time Left. The episodes have an overarching plot that connect them all together, and the choices you make in one episode carry over into each of the episodes that come after it.

(3) What platforms is season one available for?
The Walking Dead: Season One is available for Windows, Mac, PlayStation 3 (both on PSN and on disc), Xbox 360 (both on XBLA and on disc), iPad, PlayStation Vita, Kindle Fire (HD or HDX devices, 2nd gen and up, and Amazon Fire TV), and Android. Versions for the Ouya, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 have also been announced, but there is no updated time frame on when these versions will be released.

(4) Why isn't the Android version of season one on Amazon supported by my device?
The Android version on Amazon is only supported by Kindle tablets (Kindle Fire HD or HDX devices, 2nd Gen and up).

(5) How much does season one cost?
On Windows, Mac, XBLA, and PSN, it is $5 for a single episode, $25 for a whole Season. The Walking Dead Game of The Year Edition for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 is $30, and includes the downloadable content 400 Days as part of the package. The prices for the other versions vary.

(6) What is included with The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition?
It includes all five episodes of season one and the downloadable content, 400 Days, on the disc. It also includes a voucher with a link to a website with some extras (a behind the scenes video with interviews and the season one soundtrack).

(7) Will there be a bonus/free collector's DVD version for season one available from the Telltale store?
Not for season one, since the collector's DVDs are traditionally announced before the start of the season, during the pre-order period.

  • This should be a sticky.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      Oh, I thought it was. Thanks for pointing that out, it's stickied now. :) That's what I get for posting so early in the morning. ;)

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        Added a few things... like Season 1 episodes not having been released bi-monthly. Eventually, they pulled off five episodes in a little less than seven months. ;)

        And I'm betting my pants that they're releasing the entirety of Season 2 in less than SIX.

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          I read in a post mortem for Walking Dead that Episode 2 was delayed not by production problems, but was rather revised by Telltale after the success of Episode 1 (which also threw off the schedule for proceeding episodes). They mentioned changing Episode 2 to be more cinematic/less puzzle oriented and to include "last minute additions" they had made for episode 1 such as notifications. However, they redid so much that they had borderline reset their progress on Episode 2 and nearly everybody at Telltale had to contribute somehow and pitch in to get Episode 2 out soon.

          I think a large amount of the atypical release schedule was mainly a result of Telltale experimenting with the gameplay, which I expect will not be a problem anymore for Season 2 or Wolf Among Us.

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            Vainamoinen Moderator

            I read in a post mortem for Walking Dead that Episode 2 was delayed not by production problems, but was rather revised by Telltale after the success of Episode 1 (which also threw off the schedule for proceeding episodes).

            No news to me actually. I did hear much the same. ;)

            They can't really switch to a bimonthly schedule because of TWaU. Those seven months were too much already - a Season can't really take 9 or 10 months to release. They HAVE to be quicker. And they know it.

  • They'll be quicker now as they know what they're doing, but at the same time they're doing The Wolf Among Us, so i'm gonna guess around six months to.

  • Perhaps a season 1 collector's DVD will be released together with the one for season 2?

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I doubt it - as the original customers would be pretty pissed...

  • I think S1 makes since with the story of what happen, I'm sure somebody else other then me likes to start off that way!

  • Why on Christmas doesn't t make sense great Christmas present from telltale

  • great I have to play the whole entire first season again

  • If I buy season 2 from the telltale store, can I use my saves from season 1 (and 400 days) on Steam?

  • Silly question, but I don't see it answered here. Is TT still giving out the Steam version to those who preorder the game here for free? I ask since I have the season 1 an 400 days on Steam, but since I love the TWD game series a lot, I want season 2 from this site with the DVD.

    I hope they still do it since I want to continue season 2 where I left off.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      They only give Steam versions of their games as a courtesy when some problem occurs, such as a delayed launch on the Telltale store.

      However, if you are worried about losing save data, I recall that save data is shared between different store-versions of the game. During Season 1, I switched between playing on the Steam version and the Telltale store version and did not lose my save data from switching which version I played.

  • Any chance of season 2 coming to Xbox one?

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