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    I personally thought it was Christa, given what happened to her throughout the episode.

  • I have my money on either Kenny or Lily. Given the fact that Clementine never found out about Kenny's "death" (Lee never had time to tell her as I recall), it would more likely be Lily.

    • It would be Kenny do you really think that Christa and Omid didn't tell her about Kenny. I mean they were there both times when he "died".

      • That's true. I kinda forgot that Christa and Omid had been taking care of her at all it went by so fast haha

      • Ah, Kenny fans with their self righteousness again. Remember two days ago when you all where saying that it could be noone else but kenny in episode one? Why should we believe you now? Also Omid and Christa could potentially never find out about kenny, considering the fact of your choice of words in season 1 (Silence is an answer and you can always tell them he survived) Which I guess EVERY blind Kenny fan did at that point So they woudn't know to tell Clem. Just like episode one, It WONT be Kenny.

        • Telling them or not, Kenny never came back. It's not hard to figure out that if he does not come back with them he's probably dead, thus Omid and/or Christa could have told Clem.

          And stop bashing and mention "Kenny fans", i'm pretty sure you are blindly a fan of something which you admire as well. Less trash talk please.

          • No. I won't stop arguing with logic. You can even tell them he probably escaped so No. Kenny fans are just so stupid, constantly demanding their right and fangasaming "KENNY KENNY KENNY OH LOOK A HAT KENNY." They've been wrong. Twice now. They wont be right this time. And that logic doesnt stop Kenny fans from thinking he's dead, why cant Omid and Christa have the same mentality? Unless you're suggesting that thinking is WRONG

            • Logic? The logic would be that he is probably dead if he did not come back, but one could hope he ran away and survived.

              And again less thrash talk, you are the asshole and stupid one right here acting like you know better.

              • I can tell you're one of thoose "AGREE KENNY IS ALIVE OR DONT SPEAK YOUR OPINION AT ALL" guy's. Your post's prove it. Yes. He is dead and no matter of spamming "He's alive even though we're wrong constantly" is going to change that. This is The Walking Dead.People die.Constantly. Get used to it. Kenny isn't immortal. Gotta love the rating system "You're a bad person for disagreeing with us"

                • He never said anything like that, and putting words in his mouth only speaks about you. People see a person that looks like Lilly? They'll speculate on it. Christa? Same. Lee? Hell yeah. Kenny had a chance of surviving, and it doesn't matter how he felt, or how many walkers were around him. But perhaps you aren't that experienced with TWD then? Quite a few characters faced terrible odds and yet survived through it. An example? Tyresse, from both the comics AND the show. Morgan too, really. I'm not saying he's alive, though I would love it if he was. Still, Telltale said his fate would be explored, so expect to see him at some point in time.

                  • I have to say, though, Tyresse was proven to be an amazing melee fighter, and right before he disappeared into the horde, he took out his hammer and went into a psychotic rage. And that's the only time I've seen. Don't tell me about any others, I'm still reading. Regardless, Kenny can get his ass whooped 3 times in melee fighting. He can only win one fight if you happen to fall asleep, or, I don't know, have a seizure. Larry takes him down in one punch, Molly nearly kills him without skipping a beat, and when he fights Lee, he takes five whole seconds to wind up. Not to mention, he didn't seem to be trying too hard to keep the zombies away from him in the alley.

                • Yeah there are kind of a lot of spoilers from the comic book in here, sorry.

                  Dude, you need to read Kirkman's stuff before spewing speculations like that. as Mark$man says, in the comics, Tyreese clears out a whole cafeteria in the prison alone, and survives, his only weapon being a hammer, in the TV show, the same character clears out of a bunch of walkers trying to take him.

                  Seriously, it's like you haven't even played the game, in episode 5, when as Lee you try to reach the Hotel, you're bit, or without an arm, and you simply walk through a bunch of walkers killing those that get on your way, I realize you are in much less danger since walkers don't try to eat you as you're half-.dead, but you're very weakened, and you can't deny that, yet Lee manages to survive only because he wants to save a little girl.

                  Also you should be a little bit more respectful when trying to get a point across.

                  One more thing, before you say I'm a Kenny fanboy, I'd rather have Lilly over Kenny since there really is character development in Lilly, since we saw how Kenny developed in the first season, and for moar speculation, I don't think it's Christa because she would've been much more excited about finding her, although her reaction fits Kenny much more than Lilly because she sees Lilly kill Doug/Carley.

                  • Tyreese was a physical able bodied man who was capable of that sort of shit. Kenny is a poor hand to hand combatant. There is no comparison. Seems you need to get antiquated with logic. And Lee doesnt HAVE to fight his way through thoose walkers, you can end up with multiple bites. and after one kill Lee started to get walker blood over him, deafening their scent on him, while Kenny always kept his distances and only had a gun. I'll be more respectful when Kenny fans stop being so hypocritcal. "OH THAT CHARACTER IS DEAD NO MATTER WHAT, BUT KENNY HE'S STILL ALIVE SO ERM STFU AND IF YOU DISAGREE YOU'LL GET 20 BILLION THUMBS DOWN CAUSE WE'RE ONE COLLECTIVE HIVE MIND THAT CAN'T TAKE DIFFERING OPINIONS OR FACT" Again, Kenny fans have been wrongabout everything so far. Why would they be right now? The reaction is the main evidence that it's NOT Kenny. The "I thought you was dead" line is VERY VERY negative to me. If it was someone close to her, don't you think she'd be happier?

                    • She's not so close to Kenny either, to be honest.

                      The only person she'd be happy to meet again (that is certainly alive) is Christa. Also why do you keep saying "Kenny fans" I'm just arguing with you, not saying "Kenny is the guy" because I can't totally tell, neither can you tell it's not him, truly.

                      I'd just have it be Kenny instead of Lilly because personally I like Kenny more.

                      (By the way have you looked at Tyreese in the TV show? He's fat lol). Also, where did you get that Tyreese is physically able and Kenny isn't? Anyone that doesn't have a six pack can't fight? That's just dumb.

                      • Clem dont have a six pack, and she outlived every fucker there...

                      • Because Kenny gets his ass wooped by anyone he tries to start a fight with. What chance does he have physically fighting two hordes of zombies? and it's Kenny. If he WAS alive, he'd be one of the last surviving members of the original group that clementine was part of, also the last person she's close with. Of course she'd be happy to see him, what bullshit is that? And tyreese, again, In the comics was capable of that shit. I'm not saying "ANYONE WITH A SIX PACK ISN'T CAPABLE OF THAT SHIT" I'm saying Kenny just isn't. He gets his ass wooped by EVERYONE he fights. He coudn't even take Molly by surprise. The TV show isn't canon to the comics and its not canon to the games, So I don't count that "fat tyreese" scene at all.That's just an insult.

                      • I figure she's at least a little close to Kenny, considering when going to the morgue to look for Clem, Kenny says, "You and Clementine are the only family I have left."(Determinant)

                • I am, I suppose, a 'kenny fan'. I believe there is a possibility he is alive, since it would be mean of Telltale to tease it so much for such a popular character then show he is not alive. There is also a chance he is still alive, though going by logic it is not likely, but it is still a possibility. I honestly would not be crushed if he turns out to not be alive, and I would be excited if he does turn out to be alive. I did think the man in the trailed seemed to look like Kenny, but I could not tell for sure. I had my hopes up, but it's not a big deal to me that he is not Kenny. I think there is a stronger possibility that it is Kenny referenced in the trailed for the next chapter, though, and you should respect other people's opinions as I respect your opinion on Kenny's fate.

                  Either way, his fate will be explored, we will know eventually.

                • You're kind of missing the fact that Telltale practically confirmed that Kenny is still alive, and will show up in Season 2.

                • Actually, the reason you're being down-voted is probably because you're throwing a tantrum over how much you hate people for liking a character.

            • I was unaware that there was an official group of Kenny's fans. Are there group meetings and such where we arrive at consensus about Kenny's fate? I happen to like Kenny. I never claimed that was him in episode 1. I hoped it was, but I never claimed it. How can one know for sure? Anyone who says they're certain is not being truthful (unless they work for TTG). You know no more than anyone else here. Kenny COULD appear. It IS possible. Nothing is certain. You're no different than the people who claim to be sure that Kenny will be in episode 2. None of us can know until we see it, but we can speculate. Your speculation is no more or less valid than anyone else's.

            • Fiction and Logic are not tied together....

            • *sigh

              Look, dude. Kenny fans are irritating, I know, but come on. It's a fuckin video game. Don't get so irritated. I mean, personally, both polarizing characters, and one of the favorites are the ones I hate. Carley, Kenny, and Lilly. People constantly come up and tell me why I'm wrong, and let me tell you something, Lilly fans are just as bad. If you're gonna rage against anyone, rage against EVERYONE.

        • Wow someone's a little bitter for no reason whatsoever.

          Anyway. I'm a diehard Kenny fan, however I don't think of myself as "self-righteous. I didn't think that the pic was Kenny but I do believe that Clem is talking about Kenny in the preview for the next episode. It would definitely make sense.

        • "stevean2

          Ah, Kenny fans with their self righteousness again. Remember two days ago when you all where saying that it could be noone else but kenny in episode one? Why should we believe you now? Also Omid and Christa could potentially never find out about kenny, considering the fact of your choice of words in season 1 (Silence is an answer and you can always tell them he survived) Which I guess EVERY blind Kenny fan did at that point So they woudn't know to tell Clem. Just like episode one, It WONT be Kenny."

          What if you didn't save Ben in ep 4 and we see Kenny save Christa. Omid and Christa witnessed what happened to him there so silence from lee wouldn't matter there lol.

          • I suppose, but then what happens to the episode for people who did save Ben? That'll split the canonicity for peoples games down the middle ... It'd work, I suppose, but how would you predict that?

        • Yo dawg he was only sayin Clem could've asked Omid and Christa. It could be Kennyboo or Lilly or others. Kenny could be yo

    • I was thinking it has to be Kenny but now that you mention it Lily could be possible. Even though I hope it turns out to be Kenny it's better to keep me guessing.

      • what about glenn? he did say when he left he was going to look for his friends, and you dont have the option to stop him. before she says "i thought you were dead" you see a bunch of guys. maybe those are his friends?

        • The thing with Glenn though is that he was going to Atlanta to find his friends, so I don't think he'd be near where Clementine currently is Also there's not an exact reason for Clem to just assume he's dead, I would've thought she'd have hope in him before he leaves rather than 'Oh well, there goes good ol Glenn =/ ' Kind of thoughts. The only link I see Glenn having is meeting Vince at the camp they were headed to, because Vince rreeaallly looks like he could be a relative of Glenn and he mentioned on the bus why he killed the person at the beginning was to protect his little brother

          • but she may have assumed he was dead because they stayed at the motor inn long after he left and he never came back. he might have not been able to come back because he was fighting off walkers or some scene took place that lead them to be where clem was in season 2.

          • Interesting point, never thought about it that way. It makes sense Vince and Glenn could be related, due to Glenn's avoidance of talking about his family with Lee in the drugstore, plus that comment in the prison bus. Glenn's shame in thinking about his (possibly) incarcerated black sheep of a brother? If TTG brings the core 400 Days group into S2, we may find out. :)

        • It can't possibly be Glenn because Telltale's is canon to the comics, so Glenn would have to meet them in the comics to meet them in Telltale's, and he doesn't, so he won't.

    • If it is Lilly, then I'm leaving her behind/not saving her as soon as possible. I still don't trust her, I mean, maybe if I'd saved Doug(as I happen to know that that scene is different if Doug is there), but not after what happened with Carely.

  • My immediate thought was that guy on the embankment that you could or could not give water to, but I imagine they want to make the resolution of the cliffhanger much more important than that guy.

  • I can't wait until Episode 2 when it turns out not to be Kenny, but we see a necklace on a nightstand somewhere and it's 100% PROOF THAT KENNY'S BACK OMG

    • This.

      Telltale aren't stupid. They know everybody will jump on this line as, "IT'S KENNY!"

      My money is on Lily just because it's a total shock, or Christa.

        • or the guy you gave/refused to give him the water , but since Clem didn't see either him , Lilly or Christa actually die , it could be kenny as omid and christa could've told her about his death .

        • Yeah, but why would Clementine think that Molly was dead? It would be cool if it was Molly, but I don't think it will be. To me, it seemed like Clementine was pretty sure the person was dead. Molly just left of her own accord. She wasn't in a dangerous situation or anything. Still, it's good to speculate. I do hope we see Molly again in the future. I felt like they left her alive for a reason (to potentially bring her back later on).

          • I do have one theory about how Clem might have thought Molly was dead. If we all remember right, Molly leaves and then Lee discusses the improbability of having time to go search for Clem's parents in the city.

            Lee falls asleep, Clem runs off and gets snatched. I don't recall a single person ever discussing with Clem that Molly had left - in fact, I kind of doubt Molly approached anyone else other than Lee to tell him she wasn't going to stick around; no one else really seemed to notice or care, especially given their current situation.

            Now, when Lee actually finds Clem, he has the option to respond that "They (the others; Kenny and possibly Ben but neither mentioned by name) didn't make it" - Clem could presume that Molly was one of the people that Lee was referring to, and obviously they didn't get a chance to discuss that before they...parted ways.

            So, hypothetically, Clem could indeed think that Molly had died. She once mentions that she likes Molly, but they were never super close friends of course, having only really interacted one time when Molly saved their lives. That might explain why Clem seems startled, but more surprised than actually jumping for joy - as she would do for Christa (and that would be way too obvious I think), no doubt. I really would love it to be Molly.

            I don't think it would be the riverbank guy who wanted the water because he seemed too insignificant to warrant such a reaction in Clem - nor Glenn for the same reason, especially considering we already know where his path led (and that path certainly didn't involve a little girl called Clementine).

            In the end, I have to agree with most everyone else that the other two most likely suspects are Kenny and Lilly.

            For anyone who says that Lilly went to Woodbury instead, please keep in mind that Robert Kirkman confirmed that they are actually two different people by the name of Lilly - Telltale games even edited Season 1/Episode 3 when a trophy would say "Woodbury Bound" because they originally intended for it to be the same person, but it was decided that such was not the case.

            I guess we'll find out soon enough. I can't wait. c:

            • Good point but remember, Molly doesn't roll with a group, she even said so herself. Lily just left, therefore, Clementine wouldn't presume that she is dead. All signs point to Kenny being alive: the drawing of his family in Clem's backpack, the fact that Kenny is a leader and Clem's current group meets another in episode two.

          • I'm thinking Molly may show up in another DLC or something. That would be cool.

      • Everyone? You mean all the delirious fans that'd rather have a hotheaded psycopath as a ally than sane humans? Yeah sure "everyone"

        • Calm down, haterboy, there are plenty of your kind already...

          It'd be fine if people like you would either stop parttaking in discussions about Kenny, or just stop being so aggressive towards Kenny and people who don't extremely hate him.

          • and I'd be fine when Kenny fans stop creating the 20th "ITS KENNY KENNY IS ALIVE" thread, even though everytime, that turns out wrong. But I'm sure the contradictory, hypocritical kenny fans can't comprehend that.

            • Why does it bother you so much? Just don't click on those threads. It's strange that you say you're tired of the Kenny threads and comments, but you keep reading and replying to them. They're not going to stop, a lot of people like Kenny. So, if I were you, I would save myself the aggravation and avoid the Kenny threads and comments. Just a suggestion. Hoping they'll go away is futile. There are way too many people who look forward to TTG's promise of Kenny's fate "being explored" in Season 2.

              • You can't "Ignore" it when Kenny fans drag Kenny into any irrelevant thread ever just to spam "HE'Z ALIEVE OMG" it gets beyond annoying and many users are begining to notice it. Telling me to stop won't stop me voicing my opinion. Why don't YOU just avoid MY comments? Or do I have to stop talking cause I dislike Kenny? Dictatorship or what?

                • Well, you're the one replying to people when they say it might be Kenny, so if you are truly sick of it, then yes, ignore them. Also, the majority of people are hating on you because you're being rude and offensive to anyone who even vaguely hopes that Kenny, a popular character, might be alive.

            • How hilarious would it be if it was actually Kenny, this guy would never post on another TWD thread again haha

              • Was that your attempt at trolling? Do you really think that pisses people off? You're right, that is hilariously sad. Of course, if Kenny WAS alive, I wouldn't't continue the game series, but I'd still post here to join in on discussions on what happened in the latest episodes (via videos) and forum posts. It's not going to stop me. Why? Will you stop posting if I don't stop if Kenny is still alive? "Haha" It's a sad day when kenny fans thumb down comments with logic and thumbs up comment with pathetic trolling.. Now I truly know who the children are. Now to wait for the 20 thumbs down for being correct..

                • You really are stupid. He means that if it is Kenny then you won't be able to show your face on this board without everyone rubbing 'Kenny is alive' in it. I certainly will be.

                  But if it means you'll stop playing, then that's just another reason to hope it IS Kenny.

                  • Are all you kenny fans ridiculously rude just cause someone doesn't agree with your theories? Can't imagine how you act in real life "YOU DONT BELIEVE IN GOD?! I HOPE YOU COMMIT SUICIDE!" Seriously, how does me playing or not effect you anyway? I'd still be able to comment on the game, it doesnt change the way I talk on the board,so your comment is invalid. and again, Kenny is confirmed to be in season 2, I'm fine with that.I just hope it isn't alive. and "Everyone" meaning you and the 20 non-posters who flood Kenny disliker's down? Gee that sure is a big "everyone" and likewise, I'll be happy to rub it in your face that it's not kenny in episode 2 when it turns out not.. to be Kenny. :D.

                    • Holy hypocrisy Batman.. look at this guy talking to others about rudeness.. Guess you can dish it out, but you can't take it.. Oh yes, silly me for assuming you won't be posting on forums for games you don't play, well if you do then maybe you should commit suicide, cause that's just sad.

                      I can deal with one pathetic hater. You however have replied to nearly every Kenny fan on this page. I imagine you'll have quite a following by the time episode 2 comes out, if you carry on like this.

                      And no it wouldn't effect me if you play or not, but it would be satisfying to know your miserable hater ass lost something you loved/liked. It would be poetic justice of a sort.

                      "If Kenny is alive I won't play anymore" pfft you're like a spoiled child. Besides I just hate assholes going on about realism and logic. IT'S FICTION MORONS. But I guess Hitler was right; people will swallow a big lie more easily than a small one. Zombies can exist, but surviving an apparent hopeless situation involving them? Noooooo THAT'S unrealistic. Even though people survive insurmountable odds every day in real life.

                      According to you and your ilk a mindless zombie Kenny hobbling several states north and happen upon Clementine by chance is more realistic than a live thinking Kenny traveling with other people finding her? I don't know where you studied logic and realism, but you got ripped off.

                      But if you really want to know why people want Kenny to be alive so badly the here it is: The game, the TV show, the comic... it's all so god damn emotionally draining. We'd like for there to be just ONE piece of good news for ONCE and IF it finally happens just ONE god damn time it won't ruin the game.

                      You piss on peoples hopes, and then you get offended when they smack you in the mouth?

                      Well fuck you and everyone like you.

                      • Are you... actually upset? It amuses me how you went to that length to try and upset me over a video game character. You know, I only do all this arguing againts Kenny fans who lack all logic. I'm fine discussing this with people who are actaully reasonable, but it's diehard fans like YOU I can't stand. The ones that actually try and make people feel bad about themselves because they don't agree with their view on a video game character, a fictional character, A GROUP OF PIXELS. You last comment proves you have little of a life as it is. Is your life really so little that you need one character alive in a piece of media to make yourself feel better? Really?

                        And no, The Walking Dead game isn't that important to me that quitting will be "losing something special" It maybe that way to you, but not too me, and no matter how much you think it is, I assure you, it isn't and you'll just be fighting a losing battle.

                        Of course it's fiction, but that shoudn't stop it defying it's own limitations, Kenny is of course human and not superhuman as you seem to think. and proof of people fight them odds every day? In the army? they're trained for that shit.

                        And you're of course assuming Kenny's fate is being explored in episode 2 and Clementine is staying in the exact same state she's in. Atleast you seem to think that's what I think. Well it's not. They're bound to move at some point.

                        And there is good news. Clementine is still alive.

                        And the "Kenny alive" thing isn't a case of immaturity, but choice. I will dislike the game because of bad writing. Telltale clearly forced Kenny to survive againts impossible odds to please some childish fans. And before you deny it. Yes. You are childish. Each of you go out your way to try and upset anyone who dislikes Kenny or "Haters" as you dub them and stalk their posts through the forum just to downvote them as to upset them in someway, even if it doesn't relate to Kenny. Then you have the nerve to suggest you're all better for it. Don't deny it, there's been multiple cases with my post's it's happend.

                        I won't end my post in such an immature way and hope you end this pointless charade. I have my opinion and you have yours. It's only a matter of time till our opinions become fact. So let's not argue about the future and focus on the present.

                        • Project much with he no life thing? It's your stupidity that upsets me not your opinion. And the number of posts you make betrays the whole "i don't care" thing you are trying now.

                          You are fooling no one.

                          • I care about logic. I'm fine with the whole Kenny fans thinking he's alive thing. but again.Read what I put. I have ap roblem with the diehard ones. Like you. That believe Kenny is superman and sonicwaved like 20000 walkers away from him to survive. If the fans give me LOGICAL situations on how he survived then that's fine. However, saying he survived "Just cause he did" Is not good enough. I'm also not fine with how they act to people who disagree with them. Again. Pay attention.

                            • Mr "I don't care" keeps replying. Told ya you were full of shit

                              And don't talk to me about logic and then start with the strawman logical fallacy as the basis for your argument. I certainly do not believe he "sonicwaved like 20000 walkers away from him to survive" nor does anyone else.

                              • I tip my hat for you, Fangs.

                              • How else did he survive then? He flied? Used an invisiblity cloak? You just said realism doesn't matter if it makes your theory correct technically. This convosation is over if you're going to keep being ignorant. Learn 2 read

                                • Another strawman. I said nothing of the sort. You really suck at this logic stuff huh?

                                  • Besides I just hate assholes going on about realism and logic. IT'S FICTION MORONS. But I guess Hitler was right; people will swallow a big lie more easily than a small one. Zombies can exist, but surviving an apparent hopeless situation involving them? Noooooo THAT'S unrealistic

                                    Direct quote from you. Aparantley realism doesn't matter in them situations so Kenny can technically do anything to survive.

                                    • The point of that was to underline that what you and others call logic and realism just comes down to a lack of imagination. The very next sentence is "Even though people survive insurmountable odds every day in real life." Obviously it has to be internally consistent, I just don't consider unimaginative naysayers as good barometers for what is and isn't realistic. Realism does not exclude the unlikely, just the impossible. (and by impossible I mean it can't break laws of physics, not what you and others assert or happen to think is impossible.)

                                      Manhole cover, climbed up a wall, got splattered with walker guts like Lee did, that was just off the top of my head, it's really not that hard to find a way.

                                      But seeing as you are boring me now and it's getting late, yeah... this conversation IS over.

                                      P.S. "How else did he survive then? He flied? Used an invisiblity cloak?" Appeal to ridicule, also a logical fallacy.

                                      Learn to logic.

                                      • When i played it again yesterday my idea is that he just pushed them out of the way. They were in the middle of the alley, and the alley was maybe 15 meters long in total, i mean it's an alley between 2 houses and houses aren't much wider than that. So if they are in the middle of a 15 meter long alley, it's about 8 meters to the end, and form what i saw it's about 6-8 walkers coming straight for him, it's not impossible for some of them to start feeding on Ben, and pushing them out of the way without being bitten is far from impossible. I can't stand firmly with this idea but hey, guess we just have to wait and see, right?

                                      • @Fangs, I applaud you. I recently had an argument with @stevean2 and all he did was insult the Kenny fan-base, me and be a hypocrite.

                                        He's portraying as if he doesn't care about us Kenny fans, then gets irritated by us making threads. Then he says "I'm not going to play because I don't love The Walking Dead as much as you guys, but I'm still going to get updated with everything there is to know." (brief conclusion). He kept saying that we post "KENNY IS ALIVE AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND HAVE NO OPINION BLAH BLAH BLAH I'M AN ATTENTION SEEKER" and all that, when I have yet to come across someone who is serious about it, I've only seen trolling ones that even say that they don't mean it and are trolling.

                                        He needs to learn that once episode 2 comes out and he is possibly proved wrong, then every fan including myself that he put down, insulted and mocked will not let him live it down.

                                • He could've just run through then found a safer place. There are several characters that just kind of run through a herd of walkers killing very few of them. At the final of Season 2 for the TV show, the herd in "Isolation", The herd that Abraham, Rick, Morgan, and Carl run through in the comics, etc. It's perfectly logical that he could have survived.

                    • The reason why everybody is mad at you is because you're making all ''Kenny fans'' look like shit, also point these people out that are saying: if you think Kenny's not alive you're an idiot, because I haven't seen any yet.

  • With the way the scene looked like it played out (there was definitely some tension) I'm betting on Lilly. She's definitely the kind of person who would take a harder approach to her own group after her story arc in Season 1.

    • I'd love to see Lilly back because when I finished the game I felt like a total asshole by leaving her on the road, though Clem never sees Lilly die, and anyway you wouldn't expect Clem to just go all out "I thought you were dead!" over Lilly since she kills Doug/Carley and Clem witnesses that scene if I'm not incorrect.

      • Fair point but think of it like this, your a child and you've just witnessed someone kill another member of your group. Your used to everyone who tries to do something alone or different to everyone being killed when suddenly the murdering member separates from you all, I think you would probably assume they have died already. You have to keep in mind that the young members of the group of season 1; especially Clem seemed to adjust to death occurring on a regular basis very very quickly

      • I didn't feel bad, when the Stranger tries to guilt trip you over leaving Lilly on the side of the road, my answer was "She deserved it". She's one of the only characters that I "killed", next to The Stranger. I really hope it isn't her.

  • I thought Christa initially, but then I thought that was too obvious. I'm thinking it's Kenny now. I really hope it is. I'm one of the people who liked Kenny. I know it's about half and half (people who like him vs. those who don't like him). I'm hoping it's him because it'll be nice to have someone from the original group who I liked. I see someone else mentioned Lilly. I really hope it's not. I'm not a Lilly fan.

  • of course it is lilly... im pretty sure of it

    • I'd love it if it was Lilly, but why would Clem have any reason to think that she was dead?

      • I guess it depends on how you dealt with her in season one, I could see Clem thinking Lilly died if you left her out on the road with the walkers, not so much if she stole the RV though.

      • It will be Lilly I think. The tone of Clem's voice and her facial expression basically nails it. If it were Kenny, she wouldn't be frightened like she is in the teaser. Kenny and Clem didn't interact much, but he never hurt her or did anything bad to her. Why would she sound scared and definitely startled instead of maybe happy, surprised and excited? Her tone and lack-of being excited to see that person makes sense if it was Lilly because she witnessed her kill Carley or Doug, so they didn't end their relationship on the best of terms. So that's why it makes sense by her facial expression and her tone, but actually thinking Lilly was dead? That makes sense too, because you either A: Leave her on the road (clearly Clem would think she'd die out there alone with walkers around) or B: She steals the RV and as Dieskrad pointed out Kenny says she won't make it far. I do agree that it makes more sense with option A, but it's still more plausible than Kenny...

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