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Episode 2?

posted by talbar153 on - Viewed by 861 users

When? i want more of Back to the Future!

  • Season 2 Sorry... When?? wiil there be? please yes!

    • Good question!!!

      Season 1 debuted 3 years ago!! (just about anyway ! December 22nd, 2010 I believe) So it`s almost time for my anniversary playthrough :)

      But it seems Talltale have forgotten us BTTF fans and instead have gone all grim'n'gritty these days (Walking Dead , Wolf etc) I suppose dark , simple, challenge-free 'adventure' games sell more copies :p

      But I`m with you - bring back Chris Lloyd and Michael J! Bring back the FUN! Bring Back Back to the Future, Telltale - c'mon!!! :)

  • I concur, where is season 2?

  • As much as I absolutely LOVED the game, I gotta admit there probably won't be a part 2, mainly cause Telltale is moving on to other franchises and I feel the game is more than enough and they wrapped it up very nicely. Of course, the ending does leave room for a sequel (especially for the "To be continued" text, but that could have been just a nod to the movies) which, yeah, I'd love to see.

    One thing's for sure though: IF Telltale is ever gonna make a sequel, it won't be soon, seeing all the other games under development, and there's probably another huge bunch waiting in line.

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