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Your thoughts on Episode 2

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So I just finished Strongbadia the Free.

It was awesome, once again a lot of cool jokes with a good amount of laugh out loud moments.

Probably not quite as good as episode one, but maybe it was just because it seemed a little the same. Definitely worth a play though :D

Ep 3 looks awesome, the whole band thing going on.

I would make my review more in depth but it's past 5am down here in Australia and I really need to sleep, but what did everyone think of it?

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  • BTW, I wonder if the poster in SB's room is a sign, or is just there... hmm....

  • You can find my thoughts on the game in my REVIEW

  • Since I only play the games for the humour, I wasn't bothered by the puzzles' simplicity, though I did notice it. I'd say this was a more interesting setting which led to more humourous moments.

    The way TGS was included had me laughing, brilliant!

    I got bored with Algebros pretty quickly, even with their special attack moves. But I never really played Snake Boxer V that much in the previous episode, either.

    [off topic]Did I really see a reviewer say the last bit of the game was like Axis and Allies? That was clearly a reference to Diplomacy, wasn't it?[/off topic]

    Also, I could talk to Homsar all day and night.

  • I haven't gotten far in it yet, but there was one thing I thought I should mention here and now since I'm not sure where else to stick it at the moment...

    The game is very fun and it's quite nice to see the total turn-around of unexpected cruelty on the oft-tormented King of Town. But what's bugging me is that there seems to be some .. I wanna say "lag" issues with the Wii version. I keep running into situations where the game has to pause for a second while the voices catch up. The most noticable one was in the intro where Strong Bad is checking his email, and he finishes typing part of the sentence before he even starts saying it. The thing froze for a second while the dialogue caught up.

  • That's definitely odd and not something I've personally experienced. If you get around to playing through the episode again, could you check to see if the problem is still there?

  • I can't really think of anything all that negative too say about this episode. The puzzles were maybe just a little harder than in episode one, and that was nice. I laughed... a lot.. throughout. I loved all of the in-joke references throughout.

    Once again the characters were all pretty much exactly how I would want them in a videogame (I even loved the Homesar crazyness.) And I thought that the story was actually really solid. (I LOVED all of those little WWII style videos whenever you catch a territory.)

    All in all, nice job Telltale. I hope these are doing well enough that we can get a season 2... maybe even with more of an overarching plot.

  • Ugh, accidentally clicked refresh by mistake.

    Anyways, I was gonna say that I haven't run into the pausing glitch since the intro, so perhaps it was only there, or it may have even been a temporary error in my Wii.

    I did want to say that I'm liking everything more than the first episode. The expanded areas - like Strong Sad's room, and the Homsar Reservation which is awesome - and the added "objectives" for increasing rank such as setting things on fire. It's all so much better than the first one. The humour is greatly improved. The jokes feel less like jabs at previous emails and more like a new story altogether with some familiar elements added for good measure.

  • i haven't finished the game yet...only entered the homesar area...but so far it is great. those little cutscenes when invading another country are awesome. the whole setting is well done, it's different from the usual toons, but still fits into the homestar runner universe. also, i totally enjoyed the poopsmith actually using his riot equipment...

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