• Yeah, Ive thought of that. Im just not sure she'd think Christa was dead since she wanted to look for her.


    Have you even tried to read the other threads? I think I'm going to get off of this site until Episode 2 is released. Everyone is being an idiot.

    • go ahead and leave you fuck-faced fucking jerk, this person deserves to be heard and you should stop going around trolling all of the threads. please leave the forum, because even though you are right that people thought of this just respect people. If you don't respect the people on this forum, they won't respect you.

      Hint: Nobody fucking likes you.

    • @xer0Hack You know your life has hit a new low when no one likes you on a video game forum. Please get off this site until Episode 2. Actually, just don't go on the forums at all since you can't contribute anything with out starting a flame war. I love how you said I think Im above everyone on my thread yet you call everyone idiots. . . yea IM the one who thinks too highly of himself. Do everyone a favor and just stop posting.

      Instead of being a complete tool, say what you think without insulting anyone. I know its difficult with your superior intelligence but just try.

      • Oh, its YOU again.

        Alt text

        You people must be the biggest losers in real life if you really care what people think about you online. At the end of the day, I can close my laptop and be happy with the friends I have. Can you? Doubt it. Maybe you should read the thread and retract you rather redundant statement, because I don't care. What's even funnier, is plenty people enjoy my posts on this site-- the likes speak for themselves.I have twice as many likes than I do posts, unlike yourself. So who's really contributing? There's one simple fact that you have to get through your head @xer0Hack doesn't care about your feelings. @xer0Hack just tells the truth. And boy does the truth hurt the fuck out of you people.

        EDIT: @Kirbinator93PC I think highly of myself, because my posts do not lie (unlike most of yours). Some people just can't handle facts. IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME-- Hide my comments and stop responding. You're only going to continue the shit storm that you're trying to stop. I find it ironic that you people combat my "disrespect" with disrespect. It's like fighting fire with fire. Everyone knows water is more efficient and you just end up looking like idiots.

  • Yea to be fair a LOT of people have said that Christa is the person.

  • Christa makes no sense. She disappears for a week and now she's the Leader/member of some bandit group?. Nope

    • Who said she was the leader? They might actually be keeping her hostage and Clementine hears something that sounded like christa from behind the group, she then goes look and sees christa then she says "I thought you were dead"

  • Also why do people think it's a bandit group for fuck sake!

    Omg they have guns! You Bandits!

  • I can tell you now that it isn't Campman or Winston since in mine Campman was shot in the head by Clem and you clearly see Winston getting his face eaten off.

  • the first guy who i thinked about when i saw that scene of the bandits was Lilly :/ IDK why

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