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Bone Speculation Thread

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Well, we now know that most of us were wrong, but most of us were right, but I never even heard of this Bone fellow before this. So I was wondering, does that picture with all those telltale guys in it with props make any sense now?

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    Thats totally impossible. Most of the people being wrong and right at the same time. I think it would cause a rip in the space time continum.

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    Thats was the point exactly...
    But seriously, I think to prove a point about how Telltale is very serious about pleasing their fans, we should come up with a code line that we make up, that telltale should try to seamlessly include in their game. Like:
    Only Deniro know what lies in that direction....
    but that ones too easy, Any suggestions?

  • How about, "this was no boating accident."

    Actually, I don't know what you're talking about, a "code line." Do you mean making up inside jokes? It's a bit early for that. I think Telltale would need a game or two of their own that they could pull material from.

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    thank you for moving this topic :D

    if you need a second moderator ,you can always ask me :D

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    You have just witnessed the death of an adventure gamer...
    It is a sad death, and I tried to hold on as hard as I could, but its lost to me. I remember playing such games as Monkeys Island, DOTT, and Grim Fandango, and Sam and Max, as some of the best times of my life. But now, as I hold hown a 50 hour a week job, a social life, and other small responsibilies, I find it hard to find anytime for this particular pastime. The worst part is that I thought that I only lost the time, but I also lost the mind for it. I tried to particpate, but I can no longer get into the minds of adventure gamers. My Comic Europa (you can muse about it at SAMIAMS.) was never appreciated, (or understood) and my weak attempts to keep within this community, such as this thread, has failed. And as such, I am annoucing my retirement from Adventure gaming, and that was the only gaming I ever loved. My message to those who still have the spark: One day, just like me, you might loose the ability, so take advantage of what Telltalegames has to offer. I wish the best of luck to the Telltale Staff. I know your future games will be great, since , even though you are older then me, you can hold on to the adventure game spirit, for time untold. At least I can tell myself when I go to sleep:
    I Did Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night .
    Goodbye, Telltale.
    Goodbye Max... you cracked me up, little buddy.


  • dude, Sam, you are only 20 years old. Relax. Cut the melodrama.

    You are taking away focus from the excitement. Anyway - to answer the original question I am not sure about that big Telltale team montage. But I know that the other shadowy picture was obviously Bone! Once again - kudos to those that figured it out.

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    Sorry, I fogot to refill my prescription. I did it today, so I'm fine now. I still dont have the time, but my heads on strait. Of course this is my lunch break (5:01) so, I have to type fast. Anyways about that picture, I'm sure that telltale has more games in the plaaning stage then Bone, and Its always more fun to guess something you dont know about, So i'm going to put in the guess that they are planning to create an adventure game called 'The Case of the Missing Game Designer', of course the name will be changed at release time, cause that name stinks (come on telltale you can come up with better names then that). The reason is that the main things that take part it that picture is the telltale staff. Yes a Game whose characters are the Telltale Staff. Personaly I would definatly buy that game... Now whose with me?

  • It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! 8-X

    [quote] Yes a Game whose characters are the Telltale Staff. Personaly I would definatly buy that game... Now whose with me?[/quote]
    Does it have amusing death sequences like in Space Quest? [>:)]

    Just kidding. ;) That sounds pretty far fetched, but I suppose if all of their employees are strange enough characters themselves, it could happen. I really doubt it, though.

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