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Way too easy for fans of the genre

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Man, what a dissapointment. Each puzzle took only a maximum of two minutes to figure out, they practically tell you exactly what to do. Now I know it's episodic and the general length of the game was fine by me but if only the puzzles were a teeny bit challanging I would have rejoiced. The last Sam and Max had puzzles that took me up to three days to figure out with solutions that took much trail and error and creative 'thinking-outside-the-box' logic to it. Things with an internal logic that normally could never work but in the world of the game makes perfect sense. This was simply point A to Point B stuff. Now I know they want to draw in a fresh audience that might be turned away from any difficulty and I hope the next episode will ease into greater difficulty but to the people who actually have been waiting for this game for over a decade then it's a bummer. Maybe a difficulty setting next episode? Still made me laugh outloud though.

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  • I totally agree. The game was near perfect except for the far too easy difficulty. It seems almost everyone who has played the game also feels the same way.

  • Well, those who post at Adventure Games sites, perhaps. And if the Adventure genre is again going to be a viable commercial success it desperately needs to attract new players (or old players that perhaps last played an adventure around the time of Monkey 3 or Grim Fandango). You may find this thread interesting. Looks like some people are getting stuck.

    It's a pretty good idea to capture a new audience and not turn them off by having them stuck hopelessly in the first episode they buy. You may have noticed the jump in difficulty between Bone 1 & 2?

    I haven't had the pleasure of playing Sam & Max yet, but to me the FUN factor way overrides the puzzle difficulty. And every review I read says there is fun to be had by the bucketload! If I have fun while playing games, then the game was good. But I will concede that some people's idea of fun is beating fiendish puzzles, and beating a hard puzzle gives a certain sense of smug satisfaction.

    Personally I'd be worried for Telltale if this first Sam & Max outing was making seasoned adventurers stuck. Bring in the new audience, hook them, then start ramping up the difficulty over the course of the season. Akin to the easier training level or two found at the start of most action games. Given the length of the episodes Telltale don't have that luxury within a single episode.

    I'd imagine things will heat up as time goes on...

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    TellTale could always implement something similar to the "Mega-Monkey" mode of MI games.

    PnC Adventure Game puzzles during the early 90s were just so rewarding when you finally solved them, with the actual solution seeming to be so obvious that you can't believe it took you so long to figure them out.

    It wasn't that the method of solving the puzzles was complex; it was that a lot of times the solution was just crazy enough to work, such as in HtR when Max gets in the plastic fish in the World of Fish, is picked up in a helicopter, and taken to the World's Largest Ball of Twine restaurant to get 'a piece of string'.

    Puzzles aren't hard, they are just challenging to your creativity.

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    Was I the only one who thought that CMI was waaaay too easy? (mega-monkey mode).

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    Right here is my take on this situation.

    Ive not played it yet so I cant comment directly but as someone who has completed near all the Lucasarts old school point and click games, all of the Discworld ones and quite a few other ones here and there WITHOUT walkthroughs.
    The problem with modern society is that although there are plenty of smart people out there who will find the simplicity of this game compared to hit the road a little patronising, there are a LOT of people out there are stupid. Im talking "has to take their shoes off to count past 10" stupid. I work in retail, I see it on a daily basis. There are people out there who do seem to be using 90% of their cranial capacity just to BREATHE.

    Sorry to say it but its true.

  • I'm not saying I want to be stuck forever or that I want to use a walkthrough (because I don't). I'm just saying the puzzles could be a little more original or creative, and slightly harder and larger in number.

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    Well la dee da

  • While I like the occasional mind-boiling adventure game full of nearly impossible puzzles, I really really enjoy that everyone (everyone) can actually finish Sam & Max, see all the jokes, get to the end of the story, etc, without having to repeatedly put the game away for 2 weeks after getting stumped and pissed off at it, possibly never picking it up again.

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    I don't necessarily want a game without any challenge, so perhaps the difficulty is something to work on,


    To me, graphic adventures were never about solving puzzles anyway. The puzzles were just a handy prop to hang the story and characters and other design goodies on. I think Psychonauts was everything I wanted in an adventure game, but it played like a platformer. Puzzles are just a tradition and while it's good to make the best of them, it's not what's really important here.

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    Can't you make a mega-monkey mode (or rampant-rabbit mode or whatever you wanna call it) in the future episodes? You can make it mad hard, so that all the hardcore adventure players get satisfied - while all those who want to finish the game quick can take the easier mode.

    Lol. Thinking about the in-game description of the hardest difficulty in Civ IV: "Muuhahaha! Good luck, sucker!".

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