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Key Activation Issues

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I just ordered Bone today, but I did so at my college campus. It seems that my college has blocked the way Bone tries to retrieve the key, wether it be a bocked port or otherwise. I will not be able to be on a unrestricted internet for quite some time. Is there a way to get my key via email or some other way so I can enter it into the manual key entry? I would love to play soon.

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  • probably has some insight, and will help you getting your game manually activated. other than that, there are some other topics here containing useful information about the same problem.

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    I've read all the topics about it, but there is no way to activate it over the internet. I need the key.

    I'll try e-mailing the address. I sent one email already, but I think it was to the wrong addy.

  • also, you could try emailing digital river (the ones that run the activation thingie) directly at

    hope it works out for you! (i didnt mean that you could find the "solution" in posts, just what you needed to send in that email. i doublechecked now, it's the hardware fingerprint and your orderid)

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    I did. Now hopefully they can get the key to me... I wanted to play this weekend!

    It's too bad there isn't a section on the website that you could just type in your Hardware ID and Order Number and get your password through HTTP.

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