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Top 10 favorite Video game charecters

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What are your top 10 favorite Video game charecters?

1 being the best:

10.Wart (Super Mario Bros USA)
9.Trogdor (Trogdor)
8.Wiki (Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro's Treasure)
7.Max (Sam&Max Seasons 1 and 2)
6.Luigi (Mostly from Super Mario World and Galaxy)
5.Axe throwing- Top hat wearing- crainium looking guy (You have to burn the rope)
4.Red (Pokémon Red/Blue/Firered/Leafgreen version)
3.Strong Bad (SBCG4AP)
2.Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie)
1.Tumble (Mario Party 3)

His head is a DICE!!!

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