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Just wanted to know if TellTale is thinking of making their games for other platforms as well? Linux and Mac OS (X) for example? I can tell you a few good reasons why that would be a good idea, but first I'd just like to know if TT is even interested in something in this direction. (that, and the fact that I have to study for my next exam!)

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    [quote]Just out of curiosity, have any of you Linux folks had any experience or luck using DXGL?[/quote]

    Since it's still in alpha-state and the guys at don't provide any information on what existing games might run on DXGL... I had no luck in getting anything to run on it...

    Anyways, I'm no developer, but for the average gamer it's not of interest yet, it seems.

    They seem to be very interested in a BeOS-port of Direct3D, which is nice (I really like BeOS), but which isn't a very 'realistic' platform for further developments.

    ... and the last update to DXGL was in January 2003(!).

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    i think the appeal of the game on a everyone has the same console..the problem with games on PCs is everyone has old to new pcs and some cant play new games(this is why i figure pc games just arent doin as well as they used 2) personally i have a fairly new pc and a playstation and id love to buy an adventure game on the ps2 if 1 ever came out.. surely you could just substitute the analog sticks for what you would do with the mouse..yeah it wouldnt be that exciting as far as pressing lots of buttons..but you would still have all the fun of an adventure console games are such a huge market.. as far as feeding telltale kiddies yeah i think a pc game is the first move they need to make..

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    Nope, sorry, no experience whatsoever with DXGL.

    All I know about DX is that Egoboo developers ( ) had a very very hard time changing the DirectX Egoboo 1 into OpenGL Egoboo 2. I've talked with Ben Bishop (the lead developer of Egoboo) and he said:
    - that if they knew how hard it was to switch from DX to OpenGL, they'd never use DX in the first place
    - you actually learn what a mess DirectX is when you try to change the code to use it with OpenGL
    - that not everything can be cleanly ported from DirectX to OpenGL (and probably vice-versa). - i remember he was refering to some light effects that DirectX made easy, but in OpenGL they needed to be done with "a bit" different approoach.

    I don't really understand why people are so hot on DirectX anyway?! But, well, that's just me - a linux end-user.

    Just curious - is your first game going to be based on the GrimE engine?

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    I'm a new user of the forum, I've been playing adventures games, since i was 5 years old. I'm a linux user. I just write to say, that I'm very happy to see all that adventure games are not death!!!!!!!!
    I have to say that from my point of view, linux is a game market to be discovered. I'm developing tools to make linux easyer for users (easy but powerfull) and I can say that lot of people dislike windows and want more posibilites. But one of the problems is that there aren't enough games for linux, thats why I think that an intelligent aproximation of the Telltale game to linux (lower costs) will be a good thing.
    Maybe we can discuss in the post how to make economically ok.

    Sorry for my english....I'm spanish..

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    (:| i'm getting worried you people are getting stuck on linux, this thread is not just about linux. don't forget about macs, there is a large and growing community of mac users around the world, and for about a year, Escape from Monkey Island was shipped free with all Macs, and people like me bought it too (and to all your Monkey Island purists, it was pretty good too, IMVHO)

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    Yup. Macs have a proud history of great adventure games, please let us mac users share in their future :D

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    I think Mac OS X with it's *BSD base has opened up a lot of possibilities for cross platform gaming, not to mention the extra publicity for the open source libraries.

    I've got quite a large selection of Mac games and of those most of my respect goes to those companies who have released multi platform discs. Blizzard and Cyan (the Myst guys) to name a couple.

    The ScummVM project helped to point out to folks that the same game files could be used on many different operating systems (and I loved being able to dig out all my old PC adventure game discs :) ).

    One of the financial downsides, of course, is that you need a much wider testing plan. So I'd just like to put my hand up now for any Mac alpha releases TTG want to throw out there.

    Please release for Mac... we'll buy them!

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    i would like to see a MS-Dos port :p

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    [quote] Just out of curiosity, have any of you Linux folks had any experience or luck using DXGL?[/quote]

    If I'm not mistaken, dxgl is pretty much dead. Most people just use wine, cedega, or crossover office.

    As far as porting goes, I think opengl, sdl, and openal(if you're using 3d audio) are the best things to go with in respect to macosx and linux. Directx is probably easier to port to XBox, though, and I have no idea about all the other consoles. I do know that Longhorn will probably being using OpenAL for 3d audio so the XBox 360 might be too.

    There has to be some adventure fans/programmers who would be more than happy to do some porting if it means they get to play the games. The ScummVM team seems quite capable of porting games when they don't have the source code, so I can imagine they might not have any problem when the source code is available. You can always contact them anyway, just to see how they feel about it.

    If the engine is open sourced, then I have no doubt that a linux and/or mac osx port would pop up shortly afterwards. If open sourcing the engine does not seem like a viable strategy considering the method of validating the registration, then maybe there could be a binary module that handles the copyright protection?

    I do miss my Texas Hold'em when I'm in linux.

    Out of curiosity, does Telltale use LUA scripting? I know that DoubleFine does, and I'm guessing they kind of inherited that from using the Grime engine.

    BTW, this:
    [quote] MI 4 And Grim fandago worked fine with me in ScummVM[/quote]
    is a lie.

    The ScummVM team's residual VM isn't quite finished yet. MI3 and all the other Lucas Arts Adventures work fine though. Wasn't sure that was totally cleared up.

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    I too would like to volunteer for testing for Macs! I run a 1.25 Ghz eMac with 10.3.8

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