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TWD Forum Comic Series (Episode 2 Part 6-1 PROMO released)

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The series will have 5 episodes (that has multiple parts). Our world is called the "Forum". A dimensional world that connects with other dimensions. Don't be surprised if you see references or characters made by Telltale. In this series, there are four different races.

Users; which are us are the "mortals" of the forum. They can use imagination as their weapon (albeit it is that powerful). Appearances ranges from humans/animals.

Moderators; extra-dimensional beings capable of unimaginable power. Their role is neutral as they are judges meant to balance the "Forum" Their appearance is more bio-mechanical.

Trolls; a race of monsters bent to corrupt and conquer. They can "downvote" which has devastating power and can infect anyone who gets slammed by it, and become one of them. (The names of Trolls in this forum will not be heard)

Telltale; the creators of the "Forum". They send out the Mods to maintain the peace. Any who defies them will get permanently deleted from their existence.

I'll accept no more users to join the comic.

Two things I want to be clear about though. If a Troll is trying to start conflict by posting some comment, IGNORE THEM, because having arguments here will cause it to close down and I don't want to redo this thread. And the other is to the MODs; please don't close this thread as I want to make this place a little more better. So are we clear? Alright, LETS GET TO IT!


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Here's the link to the main gallery. From there you can access all the chapters in the folders from the left side.

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